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2/18/2015 c20 AllAboutObsessions
Simply lovely! The chapters about R&K as satisfying as read the original.
11/30/2014 c2 Guest
You know Una is the same age as the twins right? I just seem as though you are classing her as younger the Carl and Shirley but she isn't. Otherwise a great story though
11/14/2014 c20 Andrea1984
End ? Not yet.

Please write some more about Rilla and Ken, after the War.


11/14/2014 c15 Andrea1984
Poor Ken. He likes Rilla, but she doesn't like him.


11/12/2014 c3 Andrea1984
Ken means 1907, ?


10/25/2014 c20 2Nan of Ingleside
what a nice parallel with the titles of first and last chapters! shows Ken's journey very poignantly- and also something else entirely. I did a similar thing with my first story. it always amazes me how compatible we sometimes get. ;-)
as for the chapter- I don't think you could have finished this on a sweeter note. you managed to breathe a new life into a scene I've read and re-read so many times... the quotes are interwoven perfectly, no worries. you captured Ken's jealousy so well even if we only had this little quib from him in LMM. I remember thinking 'oh, how he must have been squirming' upon reading that part and- here you go, giving me this gem. and, as always, you smuggled such details as the dent in Rilla's lips or the pearls in her hair.
thank you for taking me through this rollercoaster; you managed to pull off a really difficult task, converting me to like people I did not, making me believe into a pairing I was indifferent about and creating what is probably the best rendering of Di I have seen here. hats off!
I'll be waiting for part two (im)patiently; I know how excited you must be as a writer when I'm so much so as a reader. but for now- I'm off to Anne!
10/20/2014 c20 18Alinyaalethia
I read this days ago now but haven't been able to stop long enough to review it properly -life would keep getting in the way. This was a lovely ending, and the only way you could have ended it I think. You have done an incredible job of interweaving Maud's dialogue into your own writing and adding to it. I have always loved that verandah scene for its comic value, but you have given it more than that, a poignancy and a thoughtfulness that enhances it as much as it adds to Ken's character. I loved the glimpse of Irene, and Susan, and little Rilla with Jims, but especially I loved Ken's absolute surety in Rilla -that moment where he looks back wanting to see her watching him out of sight, you have done the unlikely and made me appreciate the uncanny (Maud's application of it always spectacularly iced me). Well done on a lovely, rounded, and readable story.
10/19/2014 c20 4Bertha Willis
This was so beautiful and fit so perfectly with the book. I had never thought about Ken's perspective in that scene - whether he would be nervous or just as suave and confident as he let the world see.
But my favorite part was the bend in the road, because I've always loved the passage about Rilla seeing brothers and playmates and a sweetheart disappear around the bend in the road, maybe never to return. The original is beautiful and meaningful, and you've matched it with the perspective of the person disappearing around it.
Thank you for this!
10/19/2014 c20 5JennWithAPenn
I read this last night but wasn't quite sure where to start... it was an absolute feast of thought and feeling and perspective. So I let it sink in a bit and am revisiting it now. There's just so much to love and admire about what you've done here, and what really shines about it is the depth you've given it. It really makes me wish Maud could have spent a bit more time on the big moments, rather than just touching on them and skipping them over... I feel as if she never spent more than a few paragraphs on things such as these (Susan really steals the show during this part in the book, doesn't she?) I will say that the one good thing we get from Maud writing the story that way is an overwhelming number of opportunities for stories and chapters such as this one, where we get to decide how it happened. So it follows naturally that I loved this. I loved everything about Ken's introspection... mostly I love the sureness he felt, and the way he KNEW he had changed, from his face in the mirror to the way he felt inside. And of course Irene Howard is a conniving little brat-I fairly wanted to slap her-but I so enjoyed that part and it really gives some background to the promise Ken seeks later on... him hearing about Fred makes the reality of Rilla getting swept away by someone else all the more real. But do you know what my favorite part was? It was as Ken walked away, and somehow he knew that if he turned and saw her there-though he doubted he would-he would live. There was something so real and true and unexplainable about that moment. I held my breath right along with him as he turned, even though obviously I knew she would be there, and there she was... oh Katherine I could not have imagined a better way to end this wonderful story. (I might add that the line about him joining the others that had walked away from Ingleside almost made me cry.)

I must end this by sounding like a complete broken record when I say that the way you've immersed yourself in Ken is astounding. Thank you for giving such depth not only to Ken, but to Rilla, and Walter, and Di, and Nan, and Jerry, and Jem, and Faith, and Una, and need I list everyone for you here? I know them ten times better now because of you, so thank you. I look forward to part two, and of course for your Anne of the Island story! Thank you, dear! :)
10/18/2014 c20 Bright Promise 2
Best until last. Really enjoyed this chapter...so well Dione, beautiful and insightful added with that perfect balance of staying true to the book whilst including your own little touches. I shall never again read the verandah scene in RoI without remembering your version. And I was reminded of why I love Ken and Rilla...there's a lot there to work with from a fanfic writer's perspective that LMM barely touched on in RoI. Many thanks. Ken/Rilla forever! Bring on Part 2 :)
10/18/2014 c20 7DianaStorm09
What a beautiful way to end this outstanding story! I always wondered how Ken may have heard about Fred Arnold trying to court Rilla, and you wrote the perfect background to that. Conniving Irene Howard, of course! What a snake!

I love how Ken realized the change within himself, between the Ken of last summer and the present, and how he came to the realization that he loved Rilla. Very well done!

I'm so sad this story has come to an end (for now, as I'm looking forward to both the behind the scenes of Anne of the Island, and part two of this story). Thank you once again for sharing this beautiful story with us readers!
10/13/2014 c19 4Bertha Willis
So many wonderful moments in this - so genuine and to character. The John/Walter/Una interaction was poignant and enlightening. The John/Walter moment in the church, in particular, felt like something that should have been in the book.
But the mother in me loves the Anne/Walter part, and the Anne/Rilla part, more than anything. It was so painful and right on - that horrible feeling of wanting to keep a child close to you but knowing that's not what your role is, that you can't fix everything or make his world what you want it to be. And the strength to keep going no matter what pain you know could come.
And of course, I can't wait for the next installment!
10/12/2014 c19 7DianaStorm09
While I admittedly can't wait to read the veranda chapter, I'm happy you added this "interrupting chapter". As always, you have created some exquisite conversations, John Meredith and Walter, Una and Walter (as I always had a soft spot for sweet Una, this part was a particular treat!), and of course Anne's musings about how particularly close Walter is to her. Also, I loved the sweet little glimpses into how Anne and Gilbert raised their kids, Gilbert being a dad singing his kids to sleep. All I could think is "Awwww"! And, as usual, you added in those little pieces of humor I love, Norman Douglas, and Walter comparing himself to Mary Vance! Loved every part of this chapter! Thank you!
10/12/2014 c19 18Alinyaalethia
What a treat to come home to. I've been across and back to Glasgow reluctantly but to have this gem of a chapter to read on getting in has more than made up for it. I had a good laugh over the tenors and basses in 'Sleepers Awake' being cancelled - gracious knows there are never enough tenors in peace-time, and Norman Douglas, but John Meredith was and is wonderful, he understands things, and knows and notices more than Maud ever gave him credit for - of course he does, he loved those children fiercely. His quoting of Matthew was exactly right, and his giving way to laughter was reminiscent of Rainbow Valley, he *can* be boyish at moments, even during the war, and I am glad of it, and more glad you remembered.

And that walk, it was everything you promised me it would be and more, even if the Keats gave me shivers. (I was suddenly minded of Bright Star and how hopelessly doomed that was - and this even before Walter had started on the significance of kisses.) I loved the poetry, but you know that, and the rhubarb preserves (what is it about fruit that it is so easily suited to scenes of this ilk?) and the basket, the awkwardness of the basket, Una wishing she still had it to fuss over, so many little unsaid things that if I go on like this I will only be summarising your own chapter to you.

But you must let me tell you how I loved the end of this, with Anne, her instinctive comprehension, dread realisation and her ability to take both and then comfort Rilla. It as beautiful, a chapter I will certainly come back to again and again. I'm only sorry the end is nigh.
10/12/2014 c19 5JennWithAPenn
Interrupting chapters are my favorite kind. Because obviously, whatever did the interrupting was too important/beckoning to pass up! And it is often more fun to write those things, than the things you know ahead of time you have to write. The first two scenes were wonderful surprises. You did such wonderful credit to John Meredith... the listening and quiet understanding, and that line about Walter surrendering to the truth that a part of him wants to fight was simply gorgeous. And then there was Una... you write her so quietly and beautifully. And I just loved the scene between her and Walter, it was just so beautifully crafted... there was Una's quiet longing, and Walter's love for her (albeit not quite the type of love she hopes for), and the way you tied it all together with the poetry... And the part about Walter only kissing a lass (as if!) if he was sure he was near death, for surely she would know he was never to return... gah Katherine, how do you do it? Poor Una, my heart always breaks for her, knowing Walter isn't coming home. And then for Anne. I knew you wouldn't disappoint me, I told you so! That was a clever, touching, wonderful way for her to find out, as opposed to him simply telling her. And only Anne (and perhaps Una) would understand his words so easily. When she dropped the paper as if it was fire, my heart gave a strange twitch. This, too, was wonderfully crafted, what with Anne imagining the babe she might have had, and remembering her children's first years, and the way she let Walter hold her... okay, I'm going to go collect myself now. These three scenes flowed together so expertly! Looking forward to the much-anticipated veranda scene... but I am so glad you wrote all this loveliness first.
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