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8/11/2014 c108 irelandk
8/7/2014 c108 ReaderKat
This is the sweetest story! The relationship between Edward and Charlie and Bella and Charlie are written so endearingly, it's just wonderful. Also, I loved your preacher-Emmett and gutsy Rosalie - they were a hoot! Thanks so much for sharing!
8/4/2014 c108 FinnMac
I love Charlie. I live this story. Thanks for sharing.
8/4/2014 c107 FinnMac
I wouldn't have let Jasper or Alice within a mile of Carson's.
8/4/2014 c106 FinnMac
Did I just read a Lord of the Rings reference?
8/4/2014 c105 FinnMac
I'm his? That was beautiful.
8/4/2014 c104 FinnMac
My family had our own Jasper. My Uncle Joe attempted suicide twice, and it broke my mother each time. It was all so hush hush , but I was finally so infuriated that I told him if he died like trooper in a state of grace all of his nieces and nephews would honor him at his funeral. If he kept on breaking the hearts of his sisters, his funeral would be as dead as his body cause none if us would bother getting out of bed that day.

I must have been the right amount of bitch that day cause he never tried again. And every once in awhile he'd take me aside and tell me he was fighting. In the end we were all there. Poor, crazy, old Uncle Joe.
8/4/2014 c103 FinnMac
I don't care what kind of love story I'm reading, if it contains a wedding scene I always privately think, "Talk to me in five years." Because I never quite believe the romance will be sustained. Reading Edward's first-person? I believe the romance.
8/4/2014 c101 FinnMac
I don't like them fighting any more than they do.
8/2/2014 c100 FinnMac
Even after all that angst he ends up feeling hopeful.
8/2/2014 c99 FinnMac
I don't understand his reaction this time around either.
8/2/2014 c98 FinnMac
Oh, Edward's my hero too.
8/2/2014 c97 FinnMac
He is such a good dad. A natural. It must be nature, because it sure wasn't nurture.
8/2/2014 c96 FinnMac
That vet visit us hilarious. I once tried to take my new little kitten to the vet for the first time. The moment I got him in the car he turned into a wild jungle cat. I didn't have a carrier yet, so our solution was to haul him there in a pillowcase. It's a wonder we weren't reported to the SPCA. We probably would have been except the rotten little thing was so problematic in the waiting room it was "suggested" that the pillowcase would be a good idea for the short wait for the doc. Poor Bob.
8/2/2014 c95 FinnMac
I'm sorry, I tried, but I just can't seem to cut Alice any slack. I can't stand her.
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