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4/13/2014 c12 ahodgepodgeofthings
So sad. -sniffles-
4/12/2014 c12 15MyLittleElphie
"... it looked better on Elphie."
This is so cute and sad! Hope Glinda also gets a chance to meet her again some time *sniff*
4/12/2014 c12 Elphaba'sGirl
This was so depressing, but wonderful at the same time...

Update soon!
4/12/2014 c12 8NellytheActress
:) I like it! You kinda used my idea... You know the one were they meet again years later, but I don't think you'll kill Fiyero. Loved it though. Update REAL soon!
4/12/2014 c12 6The Wizard Of Wicked

I have a song suggestion u SERIOUSLY HAVE TO LOOK UP:::::: What You've Wanted by Onerepublic! AT LEAST LOOK IT UP!

Awesome chap excited for more!
4/12/2014 c12 adglkadjfgklajdfkl
Poor Elphie! I can't wait for an update, and I love what you're doing with the songs!
4/12/2014 c12 1NymeriaFae
OMG you should be soooo excited! I blew my summer savings to fly to NYC to see it and Idina is SPECTACULAR! which I'm sure you already knew but still. HAVE SO SO SOOO MUCH FUN!
4/10/2014 c11 Bunnnnnnyy
Ahh! I LOVE IT! :)) update soon! :)
Pretty pretty please? *puppy dog face* *hands out a plate of freshly baked cookies* :D
4/6/2014 c11 spiritwarrior27
Kill the milla!
4/7/2014 c11 93Fae'sFlower
NO! Elphaba needs to come back! MILLA IS SO EVIL! Elphaba, don't believe her! Update soon!
4/7/2014 c11 8NellytheActress
I'm review! You should just steal the monkeys! Fiyero might not like what Elphie wrote for him...
4/7/2014 c11 8LadyHokageSama
Aww! Poor Elphaba! Milla is SO mean! Update soon, or else I'll threaten YOU with flying monkeys! (Yes, I asked Elphaba, and YES, she agreed to let me use her monkeys. HA!)
4/6/2014 c11 15MyLittleElphie
Oooooh :D
It has been a while, but it's alright now, because I really enjoyed this chapter.
I'm particularly fond of the scene with Yackle :)
4/6/2014 c11 6The Wizard Of Wicked
Random flying donkeys would creep the S hiz out of me... ESP since I recently became a vegetarian because I watched 'Noah' and one was torn apart (all special affects but it was…*shudders* you get the picture) looking forward to next chapter!
4/6/2014 c11 1NymeriaFae
Ohh plot twist! Dun dun DUNNNNN. can't wait for an update!
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