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10/22/2017 c1 Darkling Glow
I will have you know that the mental image of Connor juggling lawnmowers nearly caused me to drown in my lemonade. And after I'd finally recovered, Roy's attempt at smiling just about finished me off. :P

Anyway, this is without a doubt one of my favorite YJ stories so far. It's very well written and does a great job of including all the little details that Robin's impromptu "mission" would have required (most of which I never even thought about before reading this), and you were really good at balancing all the characters involved as well as their individual personality quirks. Great job! :)
8/6/2017 c1 Mischief Tea
It was so fun to see the process leading up to the events of the episode and all of the rationale behind different parts of their act. The hearts! Haha I actually had to go look it up because I didn't remember precisely what the costumes looked like. And Roy cracks me up with his "very suspish" background glares. (Also Artemis getting stage fright? Awwwwww :) well done getting back on mission, though.)

This was a blast! Thanks for sharing!
9/25/2016 c1 4TimeturnerJasmy
Thank you so much for writing this. It was amazing.
6/4/2016 c1 15Pixie07
This was fantastic and it's the first time I read a story before the performance excellent idea and story
5/24/2016 c1 2cantorahagedoorn
Wonderful story!
I really enjoyed reading this.
Also nice of you to include this ending!
Keep up the good work!
5/3/2016 c1 9SonderQuill
THIS WAS SO GOOD! Man, I would've never expected anyone to be able to write a prequel to Performance at ALL; let alone it be this awesome! Seriously, Velkyn Karma, YOU should be writing the show! That was absolutely amazing... Wow... boy, I wish I could write like you. How do you DO it?! (That isn't necessarily a rhetorical question if you honestly don't mind taking the time to answer)
But really, thank you SO much for writing this. Seriously. Thank you.
3/1/2016 c1 27Bookworm85
Love it! It was an awesome addition 'Performance.' I laughed at Robin trying to get Roy to smile, and then deciding Roy shouldn't smile after all. Your attention to detail was good- having excuses for Bruce, Kaldur, and Wally being gone; showing that the training took multiple days; Robin having to encourage, calm nerves, and refocus the rest of the team.

I liked the ending, with the conversation between Jack and Dick. Nice work!
2/23/2016 c1 6Biancachu
This was awesome! It was lots of fun all around. The characterizations were good, the writing was great, and I loved it.
11/8/2015 c1 Nightmare in between
Fantasticly humourous little oneshot, I thoroughly enjoyed this.
9/13/2015 c1 5Fairy-x-Heart
This was such an awesome story! I thoroughly enjoyed reading every part. Thank you for sharing! :-)
8/4/2015 c1 12Darkmiror
This is fantastic! I love how in depth you went with their training and preparing for this role:) This was a very well thought out and written piece. Great job!
Your writing was wonderful and the characters were not OOC! What else can I say:)
8/3/2015 c1 CuzI'mBatman
Nice story -)
5/28/2015 c1 48Pyrinsomniac
THIS IS AMAZING! Trollmaster ringleader Robin, the scowly bickering archers, sweet M'gann, smashy snarly Connor, and a genuine sibling and teammate dynamic- including mention of the absent teammates and a solid reason for excluding them. You have a firm grasp on Robin- not easy- and telling this from his perspective adds simultaneous flair and depth to an already interesting scenario. Ending with Dick's laughter and interaction with Haly was also absolutely perfect. Your characterization is impeccable, your pacing is good, the dialogue is excellent, and the layout makes everything flow smoothly. You integrate action and Dick's internal processes seamlessly. You write my darlings beautifully, and thank you so much for sharing them this way.
5/11/2015 c1 22TheImaginativeFox
What a cool idea! I loved how Robin coached them all through it, and then the after part with Jack was great :)
4/5/2015 c1 I am a Detective
Pretty funny and nice take on this episode.
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