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for Ways to Your Heart

2/22/2017 c1 11UnicornTalesLol
This is great! I love it! It must have taken a lot of time to write that. :3
12/28/2014 c1 2problemhunter
Right in the fluff (and moe)! KyoTen seems a whole lot more sweeter (as if it wasn't enough)! I am right now feeling the overdosed love of Tsurugi and his waifu, Ten-chan. Bonus for mentioning Tenma's harem (I'm sure he has one)!
10/25/2014 c1 60Lordess Ananda Teenorag

This is really well-written and endearing.

I loved it.
4/26/2014 c1 8KonohaFox
Uwaah! I can't believe I haven't reviewd on this one! I'm sorry!

Anyhow, this was so freaking cute. I had to prevent myself from extreem fangirling. This was some really good stuff to read. I hope you'll make a one-shot out of one theme... they where so cute!
2/21/2014 c1 11OblivionWings
Its so warm-hearted when im reading this... I love kyouten more than ever 3
2/10/2014 c1 19hakushinigami
Wow that's one of the best KyouTen fics I've ever read! Awesome!
2/9/2014 c1 12RandomGirl777
Loved. It.

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