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for When Friendship Becomes Something More

1/7/2015 c24 ShadowCub
Damn that dance!
1/7/2015 c24 25jd4941
This is awesome. Totally loving it.
1/6/2015 c24 Guest
This was a great chapter!
1/6/2015 c24 4EmmaAthena2013
Oooh ... Can't wait for the hot and heavy make-out session! So excited!
1/6/2015 c24 alays
merci pour cette suite
12/25/2014 c23 1SomeKindOfFan
Merry Xmas to you too!
12/25/2014 c23 alays
merci pour cette belle suite ;)
12/24/2014 c23 Guest
What the hell, how is it possible that these two are so adorable :D :D :D merry Christmas thanks for the holiday treat :)
12/22/2014 c22 ShadowCub
Smooth, Emma...really smooth, loool.
12/22/2014 c22 alays
merci pour cette belle suite ;)
12/22/2014 c22 Guest
can't wait for next chapter! You are amazing!
12/21/2014 c22 8LauratheChef
Loved it! can't wait for more!
12/21/2014 c22 makanapi88
Aww.. these two cutie pie really make my day.. thank you for this chapter
12/21/2014 c22 AguseriesLover
Awwwww :3333
12/21/2014 c22 7Queenrizzles
These two are too sweet :D thanks for the new chapter
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