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for When Friendship Becomes Something More

12/20/2014 c21 alays
merci pour cette suite ;)
12/20/2014 c21 1SomeKindOfFan
Love it!
12/20/2014 c21 1some-lost-defective-pearl
I feel as if something bad is about to happen...a very strange cliffhanger...ughhh update soon!
12/20/2014 c21 8LauratheChef
OOh i so look forward to their reunion!
12/19/2014 c21 4SailorMars009
Your killing me with the cliffhanger
12/19/2014 c21 makanapi88
Oh why must you torture us with that cliffhanger? I just want to see Regina's brilliant smile when seeing Emma's goofy face in front of her at last. These two are too cute. #Barf. Great chapter btw. Make sure there are a lot of Regina/Emma mushy lovey dovey stuff next chapter to make up for the separation lol
12/19/2014 c21 7Queenrizzles
Thanks for the new chapter :D
12/18/2014 c20 AguseriesLover
Awwww cuties. Well I hope she tells her she loves her when she is a bit more sober haha
12/18/2014 c20 alays
merci pour cette belle suite ;)
hâte de lire la suite
12/18/2014 c20 1SomeKindOfFan
So Zelena is adopted... Should I become suspicious?
12/15/2014 c19 AguseriesLover
Oh thanks god hahahaha can't wait for her to call Emma back!
12/15/2014 c19 SomeKindOfFan
I love this story! They are soooooooooo cute together! And it isn't finished, so there will be more, so i can read more!
12/14/2014 c1 SomeKindOfFan
I was accidentally listening to on top of the world while reading this... Creepy...
12/13/2014 c19 1some-lost-defective-pearl
You scared me there for a while. I was getting ready to say a few choice words to her. But she just wants to be friends. I've still got my eye on her. I kinda want to see a magical plot twist that makes Zelena Regina's sister. Dun dun dunnn. Lol can't wait for the next chapter. Update soon! TTFN Byeeeeee. :D
12/13/2014 c19 alays
j'adore ton histoire
et j'ai hâte de lire la suite ;)
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