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for Love goes strange ways

4/17 c5 2Ilena Petrova
Sad you never continued
12/14/2015 c5 5sara-nadia
please update
2/2/2015 c5 Guest
please update soon
1/12/2015 c5 Bowcorn
Yush continue.
11/2/2014 c4 Bowcorn
I like where this is going, continue please?
5/10/2014 c3 becky
Great continue
5/8/2014 c3 shay
Continue with this plz! I would give anything to have a cam s! There is never enough fic'tional slash for these two hotties. Brains are sexy but cam and tempe can work around a stuffy bones...
4/29/2014 c3 kroos
Very fanciful, never happen all wrong.
2/28/2014 c2 Guest
Rev this thing up! Continue on, plz
2/25/2014 c2 1han.bones
That is a twist that i never imagined.i love it! The only thing that i cud lv mo than this twist is the look on Booth's face wen he fyds out... hihihihihihi. (giggles)
2/23/2014 c2 SuitsLover
Love it please continue
2/22/2014 c2 Guest
Yes continue
2/11/2014 c1 8Vean
:) Like it, yes. More please.

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