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for Withered Flower

8/13/2014 c1 Guest
2/12/2014 c1 22PureSmoulder
As I thrust the dagger into my throat, and my knees buckled, sending me falling to the ground. My last thought before I left this dark world was how I had at least fulfilled one of my dreams.

As the angels led me through Heaven's Gate, I spotted a familiar face.



I ran up to him, hugging him with all my might.

Sorry, I just felt it was missing a happy ending. Great story, really dark. Daddy likes.
2/10/2014 c1 4District9forEvs
Creepy and sad, I really like it. I really like your use of language and emotions, and how in such a short piece, you can feel this kind of passive aggressive anger bubbling under the surface.

My only criticism is that you're missing a few commas throughout the story, so I'd just give it another look over. Apart from that, though, it's really good.

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