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5/3/2017 c1 jade
please make another chapter you should become a writer please make another chapter the suspence is killing me
11/1/2014 c1 14Dept.Of.Redundancy.Dept
Aw! This is a really cute story. Nice work!
8/23/2014 c1 3ElsaIsAmazing
This is one of the best Frozen Fanfictions I've read! 3
8/12/2014 c1 9ElsaTheSnowQueen2
amazing work i love it! and so sweet! and i'm like that too! i won't tell someone when i'm feeling sick!
7/14/2014 c1 SkyDancer10
I'll say it; that was adorable :) More please!
7/11/2014 c1 73Tohdoh
I'm a sucker for hurt/comfort fics like this, especially Elsa-centric ones because I adore her. Contrary to what most people think, in my opinion family love is very pure and a step higher than romantic love. Beautiful job portraying that. :)
7/3/2014 c1 FrozenLuver12
5/13/2014 c1 240Goth Albino Angel
Aw, now Elsa needs to be taken care of. No sickness for her. Yuck.
4/5/2014 c1 6LiveLoveLife13
3/26/2014 c1 Maggie
I love this!
2/23/2014 c1 35OoZolaoO
Oh man, this is adorable. The scene with Olaf and Elsa was so visual and lovely; I could picture them perfectly in my mind's eye. Thanks for this :)
2/18/2014 c1 8Khmyh
Love it! Especially the part of Olaf and Elsa sitting back to back. So sweet!
2/16/2014 c1 DharmaHarker
You've done it again! 3 Awww, Olaf! And I didn't think the ending was too sentimental. I loved it. I also loved the references to the original Snow Queen story. Keep up the good work! -Lee
2/15/2014 c1 22PureSmoulder
-reads nice sentimental fic-

Y'know, I was quite happy with how this fic panned out, until you quoted from Tangled. Elsa and Anna's relationship is different from Rapunzel and Gothel, because in the latter's, there is a third party in the relationship. Rapunzel's hair.

Gothel tells Rapunzel she loves her. (Obligetory)
Rapunzel replies by telling her she loves her more. (Actual love)
Gothel says she loves her most to Rapunzel's HAIR.

So, using that here for Elsa and Anna doesn't really work. Other than that, I pretty much enjoyed it. 78.5/100
2/14/2014 c1 24TrebledWriter
Tangled reference!
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