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5/7/2016 c10 ElenLome
PLEASE udate soon! PLEASE!
4/24/2016 c10 Ravenclaw
Oh my this is a thrilling story my heart beating faster by the min the way that there drawn close together little by little love your story hope you up date soon
4/17/2016 c10 ElenLome
I think you are an amazing writer you discribe things perfectly.
I cannot wait for an update. You're great!
Your Fan,
4/13/2016 c10 36CorinnetheAnime
This is such an awesome story! I love how they're slowly (ever-so-slowly) accepting each other...and maybe even falling for each other? ;D

I love this story and the last chapter, especially the Pride and Prejudice part! Those two are sorta like Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett in a way... :D
3/26/2016 c9 Leviprime
That title tho. Yo i finally got to read this chapter now that I'm on my spring break :)
Its good to see Kid Math appear again and I wish we had more episodes of him. And omg Granny and and the Butcher XD

Yes Becky you were going to try o defend Tobey~
Nice to see Tobey and Becky being civil.

3/24/2016 c10 GoneGirl25
Hello! BookishOwl here!

I made an account of my own to publish ridiculous and melencholy Star Vs The Forces of Evil fanfiction. For I am what the cool kids call a waste basket.

I really should have checked the Wordgirl Archive sooner, but I get so caught up in other fandoms. Currently another superhero stealing my heart in Miraculous Ladybug. This early morning however I had a need for a little public television and decided to check if my favoriteWordgirl fanfic had been updated. Yes, this one.

I adore the awkward fluff abounding here. The pointing out that yes, they are living a Pride and Predjuduce cliche. It filled my soul. Not to mention, Scoops and Violet being adorable as always. The Botsfords giving me family feels. The giddy excitement that spread through me with the notion these two kids are building a robotic dragon together. This fanfic gives me emotions I find not anywhere else. The feeling of being a kid again. I can read Miraculous fanfictions all the day long, filled with angst and fluff and Love Square sin. Though, this is so much more fufilling. Just as the show made me feel, I feel here. You have helped me recapture that feeling of joy and childlike wonder. That feeling I felt in middle school, jotting down little hearts with possible pairs in them from amongst my friends like a tiny Emma Woodhouse to be. It is refreshing and wonderful. I thank you for it.
3/23/2016 c1 MeddlingWithChaos
May I make a suggestion? Since you've touched on the subject of Tobey's father, why not have him talk more about him (his dad) in front of the class? In the episode "The Ordinary, Extraordinary Botsfords" he is seen with a family tree! I'd love to see what you could come up with!

'" I'll be talking about my father, Theodore McCallister II," Tobey kept his eyes glued to the floor. Becky took notice that his eyes held a pained gleam.'

I'd think it be very touching, and...DRAMATIC!
Then again, this is just a suggestion.
Keep on writing, this is awesome!
3/22/2016 c10 Guest
XD well he better get up i need more fluffieh moments that make my heart soar and my stomach forget that i haven't had my brunch...can't wait for nxt chp *-*
3/16/2016 c10 MeddlingWithChaos
This story is the best I've ever seen in the fandom. You're so good at writing these two it makes me jealous, but the good kind of jealousy, where I don't dislike you and I am inspired to be as good as you.
(Thanks for continuing stuff that happened in episodes, I haven't watched any new episodes, I was motivated by the continued bits that you wrote)
3/15/2016 c10 palmsparrow2014
Omivod this is my favorite wordgirl story by far! Its so awsome and i love it and i just...AHHHHHHHHHHH THIS STORY IS SO GOOD AND WHENS THE NEXT CHAPTER COMING OUT ALREADY?!
...sorry about that. This story really is amazing.
(Btw i have an idea for a wordgirl fanfic but i might need some help with it so if you have the time and would like to help me,that would be very nice. ~)
3/15/2016 c10 6Rosezelene Ersa
So. Much. Cute. fluff.
(I feel like every reveiw I leave for this story has me drowning (happily) in fluff.)
And it's just so perfect- you write the characters TOO WELL darn it! I'm halfway convinced this story is cannon 0.o
Anyway, I just... No words. It was soooo cute, Tobey just fell into the fold so well this chapter; it was wonderful to see him involved and amiable XD
Though I'm kinda peeved you cut off right when he almost answered about his father -.-"
I CANT wait for the next chapter. I luv it!
...sorry again for all the gushing ;
Update soon, I BEG you!

3/13/2016 c10 3kingjohnson424
Gr8 chapter
3/10/2016 c10 1WingzofFeather
Hi! I love this fic so much! Tobey and Becky's (AND the Narrator of course) characters are so on-point but also expanded on beautifully! You've made the chemistry so believable. And you've kept the essence of the show! Well done! I can't wait until you update next! (I actually don't mind long waits, it's so much more exciting the longer you wait ;)) I'm so sad that Wordgirl ended... But I did find this other super-girl kids cartoon called Miraculous Ladybug! It's soothed my sorrow over Wordgirl and I've fallen in love with it! Here's the synopsis in case you're interested: miraculous-ladybug
3/10/2016 c10 Misty-gold
oh my gosh where do I begin with... this chapter is simply wonderful?!
the moments of fluff killed me several times, I just love how Tobey and Becky's interactions are slowly becoming more 'amiable', and I appreciate the character development that you're giving them X3

one thing that I like about your writing is that it conveys various elements of the show, but still holds a distinct style. I can say this is one of my favorite fics, the plot flows so naturally and I feel like it's an actual episode. you did a great job with the references! I like the idea of the princess triana movie, and am looking foward for that dragon-robot too.

ah, that sciolet moment was adorable. it's not very common to find those 2 interacting that way in fics... X3

The ending was my favorite part, the mention of Tobey's father caught him off guard, and I can say this is a very touchy subject. I hope they return to this issue later, but in a non destructive way. Tobey's dramatic goodbye made me giggle, I like how he did it so naturally.
The final thoughts were well written, too. (Tobey I know you like her stop pretending already! XD)

Anyways, I'm not sure if I said this before, but this fanfic makes me smile at every chapter, and this one wasn't any different. you did a wonderful job!
3/9/2016 c10 Lily
I love the outside references, especailly to Pride and Prejudice. The writing is just wonderful and I cannot wait to see what comes next.
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