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3/9/2016 c10 6InuKaglover4ev22
Awww. Tobey and Becky just keep getting cuter and cuter. XD
I like how they're going to be making a dragon-robot for their project. :)

Well, anyway, great chapter and can't wait to read the next one. ;D
3/8/2016 c10 Turtle777
I saw this chapter out, and ran down the stairs shouting to my sisters," It's out! It's out!"
"It's out?" They asked.
"IT is OUT!" Then they all were like,"Really!?"
I nodded,"So, quick! Finish your school so we can read it guys!" (They weren't too happy about doing school, but after reading the new chapter I'm sure they felt it was worth the effort it took for them to finish their schoolwork.)

I loved this chapter! It was so well done, and I love the references to Pride and Prejudice,(which I've read 5 times and always thought of Tobey and Becky when reading it), and Romeo and Juliet, (which I am reading now.)
I also loved your little made up reference to the princess Triana series; it does ring a bell on CERTAIN characters... XD

My sister and I... I mean and me. All laughed really hard when Becky wanted to scream because she thought her thoughts were crazy, and the last part with Tobey was really thoughtfully written.

So in conclusion; I love everything you've written thus far, the more it goes on the better it gets (you haven't lost any of your spunk), and Tobey has fallen and can't get up.

WAIT! Tobey has fallen and he can't get up! Somebody help him! He has fallen... in love. Wait, never mind. Nobody help him, he'll be JUST fine. (Hopefully he'll never get up... XD)
3/8/2016 c10 4zimvids
Wow, that was gorgeous! I love the fact he is falling in love with her. Slowly, but still. It's beautiful! I'm so happy you didn't forget about this story XD you really do an amazing job, I look forward and love every chapter I read! So believable! So realistic! Pacing is perfect! Ahh the fluff was just perfect in this chapter! I could actually feel the chemistry between them and the sexual tension that is slowly building! I love it! Thank you! Keep it up!
3/8/2016 c10 Guest
I love this chapter. You've done a great job at writing these characters. :)
3/8/2016 c10 Kayani
Yaaay you finally updated it! Its been forever but its perfect
3/8/2016 c10 y'knowwhoitis
Tobey is a tsundere...buff said
3/7/2016 c10 4fromhexagon
You'd think that with all the miraculous ladybug fanfiction I've read over the past few months that I'd be able to handle this chapter, but... nope. I'd mention specific things I fangirled over but I sorta fangirled over the entire thing? You did an awesome job with this chapter, and I love how far they've come from the show, yet how they don't seem OOC at all. (Also "but I'm not a good person" mY HEART someone give this child a hug)
3/4/2016 c8 Guest
Please update this story! It's really good and I like the part with Mr. Big and Leslie. I would love for you to do a follow up to that. This is a really good story.
3/2/2016 c9 Guest
This is probably the beat Tobecky fic I've read. It gives such an in depth insight to the characters that the show doesn't touch on and you did so well with everything. I know it's been a year since you last updated and I could probably just consider this fic abandoned...but maybe you could update if you had the time? :)
3/1/2016 c9 14faroutfangirl
Okay, I haven't reviewed in AGES, but I'm still reading. Every time I get an email that this story has been updated, I dance around the room (literally. I actually did that.)

And the Tobecky train is a train that doesn't stop (I hope). Still sad that that the show's over, but fanfiction keeps me going. Plus the fact that WG and Tobey went out for ice cream warms my heart. They will be getting married before we know it. :')
2/23/2016 c9 2The Rum Tum Tugger
Awesome story! When are you gonna post the next chapter this year?
1/30/2016 c9 Turtle777
I love your writing, and personally think this is the best fan fiction of Wordgirl ever! The character's personalities are so on point,(and my wordgirl character voice impressions are getting a lot better thanks to you.)

Me and my many sisters have read it ,and reread it , and reread it. It's just that good! Can't wait for the next chapter; I wish it was already out, but 'a superhero needs to know how to build suspense'. (Kid math episode quote.)
So ya... Now this is your REALLY late Christmas present, and I expect cookies, and cheetos, and you to be happy so you write faster so I can read another chapter. Good day.
1/18/2016 c9 esm3blossom
I have read your story and i love it so far. Can't wait for the next chapter!
1/17/2016 c9 Rozzmonster
This is probably one of the greatest written Word Girl fanfics I've read so far! I applaud thee. And as much as you say you've been worrying about whether or not you portrayed characters well and canonly (I know that's not a word), trust me, you've been doing excellently. And I love that you write your chapters in the say an episode would look in book form (especially the Narrator XD). Keep it up, and kudos!
1/4/2016 c2 Post It Out
AWESOME! I loved the part where it was like:
Narrator: "The madness! The-"
Tobey: "Oh shut up."
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