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12/18/2015 c5 1animalsrock
Hey, i love angst if there is an happy ending, you know?
12/16/2015 c5 4vcjb242
I love this fanfic !
12/6/2015 c9 viidotkitty
Yup. It was definitely worth the wait, as expected.
12/3/2015 c9 3Potato Beilschmidt
This chapter was awesome! I couldn't stop smiling while reading! Also those puns weren't that bad xD Made me chuckle XD
I'm so excited for Chapter 10! I can't wait to see what happens to Becky and Tobey :3 #Hype! xP
Ooooh it'd be great if you got it done on Christmas or Christmas Eve! It'd be like "Merry Christmas! Have a new chapter!" 3
Whatever works for you though, story writing is not a fast process cx
Good job! I think I want to make a comic version of this story when I get time! If you don't mind, that is! It'll get me into fanart drawing again :D
Anyways! Good job and good luck! 3
12/3/2015 c9 4zimvids
This story is a masterpiece. I love how they are developing! The pacing is perfect; I adore the slow pace. It is so realistic. I love their accidental flirting with one another; its so cute and I cant wait to see more! Tobey and Becky really have a great relationship, thank you! Keep up the great work! I look forward to the next update!
12/2/2015 c9 6InuKaglover4ev22
This was great. :D
I'm glad Tobey is trying to be civil with Becky, even if he is still trying that she's WordGirl discretely.
And Becky is breaking her own promise. I wonder how Tobey is going to react to that.
But awww. Kid Math is so cute. XD I was a little confused at first when he showed up, but he makes a great superhero. :)

Well, anyway, great chapter and can't wait to read the next one. ;D
12/1/2015 c9 25TheyTookMyUsername
The long wait is over...and it starts again xD this is so good i wish i nvr had to put it down but well. _ where's the fun in reading everything from one go xD
11/30/2015 c9 Lily
I am looking forward to the next chapter. And I love your writing. It captures the characters perfectly.
11/30/2015 c9 BookishOwl
Ah I knew it was a good day to check up on the Wordgirl archive!

I'm so pleased you enjoyed my review and a tad bit humbled as well, considering you singled it out. It brings me such a warmth to know, as I really do adore this fanfic. This chapter continues it's wonderous traditions. After a few months of hiatus from divulging in this fandom in particular for me, it was like returning to a friendly house all a lit once more for the Holidays.

The characterization was still superb and it was very easy for me to fall right back into that familiar rhythm, and hear each voice speaking the words I read. The Tobecky made me giddy, to quote an overused phrase, 'their banter gives me LIFE'. Also Ms. Davies is positively unfair not allowing a robot reenactment of Hamlet, doesn't she know how glorious that would be? Ah well, next year. I also especially enjoyed an appearance by my lovely son Kid Math, one of the characters I wished had gotten more development before the show's untimely end. His punny presence in any fanfiction never fails to make me smile. In essence, you have taken my otherwise dreary afternoon, stuck miserable with the flu, and turned it into something more akin to an afternoon from many years back. In the way a new episode would turn my day around :)

I am quite grateful, and if this review is indeed my early Christmas present to you, than this fic's chapter is quite the early Christmas gift for me. Thanks muchly and Happy Holidays!
11/30/2015 c9 Deepizzaguy
It was a very good story that you wrote. Thank you for bringing back Kid Math for this show. The good news is that a website called W G Ventures will starting a new Word Girl series called Word Girl: Advance starting today according to a Word Girl fan named DanielABC. The show is that Word Girl will be three years older and wearing a new costume. Huggy will be partner. More to come.
11/30/2015 c9 6Rosezelene Ersa
*fangirling as quietly as possible in the corner*
I loved it! Loved every single bit! Kid math, the Butcher and Granny May, the fluff...
S-sorry 'bout that. It's just hard to keep my composure when you're just so stinking GOOD at writing these characters! And Violet... I loved that episode so much.
*tears up*
I mean, it was terrible seeing my favorite pint-sized powerhouse depressed and sad, but the FEELS. The feels were just perfect! And this chapter made me so happy since you included it. I'd love to see Violet's reaction to how Scoops found out. It would be awesome if you could include that somewhere, mabey in a one shot? Anyway, as always thanks for your awesome story. It makes me happy :)
11/30/2015 c9 PartySplat
This is awesome! It's just like an episode of WordGirl! The characters are true to the show while still being different and unique to this story! I look forward to the next chapter of this fic! :) (Talking with exclamation points is fun!)
11/30/2015 c9 6emeraldblossom34
This was a great chapter! I cannot wait for the next one. Looking forward to it:)
11/24/2015 c8 viidotkitty
It's amazing! You captured the characters perfectly from the way they would react from one another, and even your own added spice to it seems like it would definitely be canon if it were to happen on the show.

I also really love how you added bits from actual episodes and elaborated more into what happened during them. Very clever transitioning, too.

You're easily the best fanfiction writer to have successfully wrote Wordgirl, and made it look feel like I was watching an actual episode of it. I was really engrossed into it. I ended up staying all night to make sure I was caught up to now. It's very, very good! I can't say that enough. You made my day...night. xD

I can't wait for the next chapter. I look forward to it!
10/26/2015 c8 Guest
Ohmygosh! This is one of the best Wordgirl fanfics I've ever read! All of the characters are written so well, that it reads like an official episode. I have the largest smile when I see the Tobecky parts! I can't wait to read more!
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