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10/18/2015 c8 Guest Numbuh 27
Can u please update I love the story and really want to know what's going to happen :) gr8 story by the way
9/14/2015 c5 Hannah
Every time I read someone correct a person by going "person and I" when it should be "person and me", something inside me dies a little, and this smacked that in the face!

I do also love the story thus far. I think it's in character and interesting. You worried about angst for this chapter, but I am very much in agreement that Tobey would revert and lash out in the face of unwanted outcomes (which depresses me as a character trait, but it's in character so…).
8/29/2015 c8 Guest
Hi there i was really looking for some wordgirl fanfic and i am sooooo glad i stumbled on this one. Is like...idk i feel fulfilled *sighs in contentment* i would really want to see (xD see i have to read it) an update really soon. Thank u Hidi for writing this i really appreciate it
8/24/2015 c8 SuperGuest
I actually went and watched Trustworthy Tobey as soon as you said there would be spoilers and aaaaaaaaaa so cute~!

I loved all the fluff in this chapter!

Especially with Mr. Big and Leslie cause I too ship them ;3

This was a great chapter! Definitely worth the wait! c:

And don't worry! We all know college can be rather time consuming. :/

Great chapter! Keep up the great work!
8/19/2015 c8 Leviprime
I have seen the Wordgirl final and lets just say it brought me in great tears for the rest of the night that I couldn't go to sleep ;_;

The show may have ended, but the fandom and franchise is still alive. Who knows WG may comeback in future years or may not. But it will forever be in our hearts.

OK enough about the finale and lets begin reviewing. XD

OK the "Hot Belgian Waffles" line cracked me up. Kudos for using the Gravity Falls reference. I can imagine Tim Botsford saying that. I love Tim's lecture he gave to Becky. Honestly Becky should learn to appreciate on having a sibling than having none at all, even if they are in the pain in the butt.

OK when I read Miss Dewey, I thought it said Mayor Dewey for a second (it was 12 am when i read this ch.) XD

Yes you included "Trustworthy Tobey" Best Tobecky in season 8 ever :3 And Tobey and Becky reading alone together made me squeal like the fangirl I am XD

So Tobey is self conscious about his looks? Or is it only around with Becky? The poor baby. But I am glad Becky apologized to him about the misunderstanding.

ppFFT Tobey smoothing his hair back and winking at Becky made me giggle.

Aww Tobey is blushing, looks like someone is developing a crush on Becky ;3

The narrator just had to make things extra awkward between them, didnt he XD But you gotta love the "formless being"

I know Bob really cares for Becky and loves her very much, but sometimes he has to realize that she is getting old and that she can take care of herself and decide things for her own. Its not for him to decide whether Tobey is good for her or not.

FLUFF omg, it was soo adorable. There is not enough of them in the fandom. And Mr. Big teasing WG about if she likes Tobey is priceless XD I cant blame Leslie tho, if I had a boss who does not respect me I would go bonkers too. However that is not the case and I am happy that realizes his mistake and is now going to begin to treat her right.

You know if the villains have another meeting, I wonder if they will discuss about WG's strange behavior she has lately. Like Chuck would ask the villains if they thought if WG has been acting weird. Dr. Two Brains would say what has happened about her unexpected visit in his lair and the discussion they have. And then Mr. Big would say something about the teasing of her liking Tobey. And then the villains would put two and two together and would ask Tobey about it. Or better yet probably spy on Tobey like in one of those classic cartoons where the people spys on the other characters love life xD

Anyways an excellent chapter here. This story never cease to amaze me :D
8/18/2015 c8 Approximately Samara
I got soo overexcited when I saw the update! I was just chanting omg under my breath as the page loaded! And trustworthy Tobey is my favorite episode! Was the last episode Rhyme and Reason?
8/18/2015 c8 BookishOwl
Oh goodness, what do I say? This fic is so very well written, so beautifully like the show, I could hear the characters in my head and see the episodes come to life in front of my eyes. I haven't really ever delved into the Wordgirl fandom. Though now I wish I had sooner. I have adored the show for it's entire run, but fell out of constant watching when I fell in love with certain other shows of the cartoon variety (mostly ones where the slightly inappropriate jokes and actual canon ships are much more common). However, I could never shake my memories of this, my first love. My heart was always drawn to shows that had similarities in one way or another. The entire reason Star Vs. The Forces of Evil is my beloved life-force now is because my initial reaction to it was: 'Goodness, this really reminds me of Wordgirl.'. Yet somewhere along the way, I came back to this show. Perhaps nostalgia, coming with age, or I suppose, the fact that a friend of mine on my old tumblr had a peculiar love for Two-Brains. Reminding me of my former love for the cheesy villain myself, along with Chuck, Lady Redundant Woman, and for some reason I could never settle on, Tobey. For yes I will admit, I never did ship Tobecky. At least till my reevaluation of the show as a whole, now that I have gone out into the cartoon world and come back again. As a 10 - 16 year old fan, (I do not attempt to deny I loved it ardently, even into my mid-teen years) I was a steadfast shipper of Becky and Scoops. Anything and anyone standing in the way must be annihilated, at least in my pre-adolescent eyes. One thing in particular, being, Tobey. I had a love/hate relationship with the nerd myself. I simultaneously enjoyed and despised any episode he was in. I could not stand him, and yet I also could not stop myself from binging on his episodes in particular on Netflix after a long school day. Looking back, I realize, that my feelings towards him, and towards the idea of him and Becky getting together, were that of a pre-teen girl, much like Becky, who saw him merely as a jerky nerd. Which is why Becky is so repulsed by him. Yet looking on it from the age I am now, (a mature 18 year old adult who just happens to be reading Fanfiction for a PBS Kids Cartoon \_(ツ)_/) I understand and value his character depth more, and that he is the most likely candidate to have the proper chemistry with Becky out of any other character on the show in her age range. Their clashing personalities, which seemed absurd to me as a kid, now bring me great joy, seeing as I am a sucker for Tsundere-ish ships. Or at the very least, stubborn idiots who beat around the bush. All in all with my new frame of open mind in regards to this ship, and then reading your excellently written fic, I believe it has been a turning of the tide, you have converted me to a new ship. And keep in mind, I had to pause in the middle of such to stare up at the ceiling and mutter "what am I doing with my life?" a sure-fire sign, you have helped me become trash. I thank you very gratefully.
8/17/2015 c8 3Potato Beilschmidt
Haha this chapter is super adorable! :3 I loved the Tobecky scenes and haha the Mr. Big and Leslie stuff is just cute~ I'm glad you updated and it made me feel much better after a rough time with my parents. Thank you so much! And I wish you luck with college (even though I'm younger than you so I have no experience)! And I understand the schedule stuff!
Great job with this chapter, I'm super excited for the next chapter!
8/17/2015 c8 Deepizzaguy
Very good story based on the television show that ran for eight seasons on PBS Kids. The good thing was the show ended on a high note unlike Superman The Animated Series which ended with "Legacy". Even though Word Girl will be in reruns, we will continue to write our versions of these stories. Long live Word Girl.
8/17/2015 c8 FluffyKitten
ohmygosh we do not get enough Mr. Big and Leslie in this fandom. :D Love your writing (you do an awesome job keeping these guys in their silly character x3). Keep up the great work!
8/17/2015 c8 4zimvids
Loved it! I can tell that Tobey is starting to develop feelings for Becky and it's so great and adorable! I just saw Trustworthy Tobey and thought it was adorable too! Im sad it's over and there wasn't really any Wordgirl/Tobey closure...oh well...But again, loved the chapter! Please keep up the great work!
8/17/2015 c8 1Childish Loon
Love this fic so much! X3
8/17/2015 c8 6InuKaglover4ev22
This was really good. :D
Becky and Tobey were so cute when they were working and reading the book together. That was one of my favorites as a kid. I love Dr. Seuss. He had the best books. XD
But poor Leslie. She wanted to sleep so bad, but because of Mr. Big's conceited self, she couldn't. And it would've been his fault if she ended up passing out and being sent to the hospital. But I'm glad he finally apologized and was showing some concern for her well-being. :)

Well, anyway, great chapter and can't wait to read the next one. ;D
8/16/2015 c8 3Polarleopardlegend
Thanks for updating! I had to skim the last chapter so I could remember what happened lol! And I saw that gravity falls reference! Nice job! Can't wait to see more when you get the chance! No pressure now! ;3
8/16/2015 c8 4fromhexagon
Ahhh yay! Thank you so much for updating! I loved your take on what happens after Trustworthy Tobey, and seeing some Mr. Big and Leslie was a pleasant surprise. (Also - I'm sorry you got impatient anons; the fact that you can balance college and writing this is amazing to me.)
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