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5/6/2019 c18 TTWI
I'm not good at reviews but I couldn't leave this without leaving one. Just wanna say that I was pretty in love with your story and the ending chapters were so good. I'm not even sad it's over. You wrapped it all up well. Thank you for posting.
1/21/2019 c8 2adrienna73
Thanks for the links
1/21/2019 c1 adrienna73
Yes, I remember emergency plan #47 the one Huggy hates. But it’s one of our favorites.
12/20/2018 c18 Guest
An amazing fanfic! It’s amazing what you can take from a cartoon show that’s “juvenile”, that actually a word I learned from The WordGirl episode: Becky’s Baditude. Something is inaccurate about this FanFiction through. She hates it when anyone is in her hideout. Only Huggy and occasionally Scoops. When her family finds her hideout, she is really bothered. Especially will her younger brother T.J. She has never actually giving a tour to Scoops but he has gone to her hideout twice in the series. In the episode Invasion of the Bunny Lovers, (Which is a 2 part episode, and the best part is when he finds out her identity) And Scoops also goes to her Super Secret Spaceship Hideout in the episode A Little Bigger WordGirl. (My favorite part is when Becky is telling Scoops in the hallway what happened in Dr. Two Brains lair the day before, I love it when she can’t control her powers that she knocks the door of her locker and of the classroom.

An other unacceptable thing, why is she short then her friends?! She is actually taller than kids her age and when she is flying, gravity pulls her body down. Basketball players hang upside down to grow in height which means she grows this way too. And being from Lexicon, I think her Lexiconian DNA should make her become a tall person, not short. And besides, I think it would be weird if an awesome superhero is more likely to be tall. But I love how she don’t let Tobey make fun of her because of she height.

I’m such a WordGirl fan! My iPhone’s wallpaper is WordGirl’s signature yellow armor and red star. It looks so cool, and I don’t care what people this of me loving to watch a juvenile TV show. I’m 14 year old and I think I might be a little old for this show. But as in TJ quote: “You outgrow your pants Becky, not fun!”

I love how flawless she is at being a superhero, especially her vocabulary skills, although I find it funny how she is really bad at dancing and singing, it’s just silly, but we see that everyone, human or alien has flaws of any kind, big or small.

It’s amazing how you organized this story so well, they are typical rivals. A superhero and super villain. And then how Tobey keeps with his theory of Becky being WordGirl. Tobey thought Becky was WordGirl since day one, when he is first seen, in the WordGirl shorts. The Colossal, Amazing Adventures of WordGirl. And when WordGirl made her first episode, is so obvious that he likes her and she doesn’t.

I love how Kid Math is adopted by Rose’s parents. And how she feels bad and even maybe a little jealous that his family knows his secret identity. And that he can have freedom around his family. While she can’t, she seems afraid of what her family will think of her. If I would be WordGirl. I’m not sure I would tell my family. Because I know they love me, but telling them that they have two aliens in the family and that I have superpowers and that I fight crime and take villains to jail. I don’t know. It’s weird. And what if they make her to stop fight crime? Maybe her parents think she might get hurt during a battle.

Anyways, this FanFiction is really long, 18 chapters is amazing! Thanks for all the fun discovering new sides of Tobey and WordGirl.
9/12/2018 c5 Nat D. Aiken
Stpuendous! "Stupendous" means...I liked it. a lot!
7/26/2018 c18 136Devin Trinidad
Oh my gosh! It's been such a long time since I last read this fic! You completely surpassed all expectations and this has become one of my favorite WG fanfics I have ever read!

Seriously, the characterizations for ALL characters were so on point, callbacks to episodes and previous chapters were so funny, and the Narrator really serves purpose here as he does in canon. Thank you for such a beautiful story filled with ups and downs and everything in between. The wordplay, the banter, and the wittiness of the main characters really tied the whole thing together along with this overlying sense of "what's going to happen next?" and "when will they completely fall for each other?"

I think the best part of the fic was how the supporting cast really helped the main characters grasp how they feel about each other (shoutout to Granny May for being such a BA granny and leaving that sweet behind for Tobey when she pickpocketed him) and how Tim Botsford was okay with his daughter after prom. My gosh, completely subverted that trope of the overprotective father because we all know that Becky can handle herself.

My thoughts are all over the place, forgive me, but this fic has a special place in my heart. Not only is it well written and it analyzes the "what could have been relationship that was merely hinted in the show", but it goes beyond that. You have no idea how much I wanted to cry and laugh at these last few chapters what with Tobey and Becky slowly coming to terms with the whole romantic part of their relationship to the BIG REVEAL. I WASN'T EXPECTING THAT SHE WOULD DO THAT.

And the fact that he was the first person she told PERSONALLY! It's so beautiful and well written.

You kept the relationships between characters so well in character (Scoops and Todd being a little wary of one another, Violet being nice and kind always, etc.) and my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE: *whispers* Becky is the shortest in the group. Hahahahaha! I love height difference couples, they make me so happy.

Anywhoozles, pardon me and my lack of cohesion. Keep up the great work and I hope you have a nice day!

Great job! :)
5/8/2018 c18 Jasmine
Omg... This story has caused me to have so many emotions at the same time... At one point I'm laughing thinking 'omg Tobey would totally do that' and then next I'm crying because this story was just so beautiful and pure. Honestly, I read this story like maybe a year or so again, way before it was finished. I seriously never would have even read this again if I didn't randomly decide that I'm going to read some "Wordgirl" Fanfiction. Like, I'm a junior in highschool and I just decided that I should read some fanfiction from my old favorite childhood show. Reading this was probably one of the best decisions of my life, I had forgot how amazing this show was, and this fanfiction was amazing at keeping everyone in character... At times, I had to stop and be like 'did this actually happen in the show?' Also, I am really impressed with your writing skills (Just Wow) and I hope to read more of your amazing work. Thank You so much for writing this.
4/26/2018 c18 Guest
OMG I LOVE your fanfiction story I almost cried in the end. My heart is like . In the end I'm like ( the yellow flowers from the story ) Keep it up.
4/20/2018 c18 3Lostinthought319
This was the icing on the cake. The passion, brilliance, and radiance all swelled and made something beautiful. I LOVED this story and NEVER imagined I'd find something of this quality. I knew I liked it from skimming it but reading it in full has been a fun journey. The relationship was so well-written, pacing was great and words can't describe how grateful I am for this fic. Incredible masterpiece.
4/19/2018 c17 Lostinthought319
This was an absolute masterwork. Loved Becky's conversation with her dad and the honeymoon phase of Tobecky. You nailed every beat necessary during the reveal and I love the care and reverence Tobey shows when interacting with Becky. Their trust and belief in one another is totally believable and earned. Awesome to read and this is one of my favorite stories ever. Thank you.
4/18/2018 c16 Lostinthought319
This. Was. Awesome. It was poetry in motion. The flower thing was brilliant. You really took your time with the relationship and it feels authentic. The time skip was great and I can feel the electricity through the screen. Tobey's retirement was heartbreaking and his monologue about his father was deep stuff. I feel enraptured by this chapter especially with the song choice you suggested. Great work.
4/17/2018 c15 Lostinthought319
I was the last reviewer. Forgot to sign in. This was great. I get a kick out of Kid Math and Becky trying to find excuses to stay away from school was funny. That last conversation was electric and Tobey calling Becky dear is endearing. Excited to finish this.
4/16/2018 c14 Guest
Another emotional rollercoaster and a fantastic chapter. This story always makes me feel something. Love the villain segment and the WordGirl/Lady Redundant Woman team-up. The opening about Tobey and Becky waking up was funny. Using the photo album to give background/exposition was brilliant. I LOVED when Tobey exploded and it was chilling and cool to see him slip back into his villainous mindset. I especially loved the cruel smile and him calling Scoops 'ace reporter'. Scoops' awkward wave made me laugh. The end conversation got me in the feels. My heart broke for Tobey when he confessed being afraid to fall back into the crowd but I understood it. I like that he doesn't automatically become a goody two-shoes and that you acknowledge the process of growth and change takes time. Getting excited to finish this!
4/14/2018 c13 Lostinthought319
That last line was awesome. I liked the stories and the metaphors of the Moon and Sun kingdoms weren't lost on me. That was really clever. Reading this chapter is helping me get to sleep, in a good way. Loving the banter and Tobey understanding the family dynamics better. This story is a real treat.
4/11/2018 c12 Lostinthought319
I thought you did a great job with this chapter! This story is getting easier to read, or should I say get lost in. Tobey's new sensitivity to Becky is fun to watch and Tobey and his mother's interactions adorable. It's still funny to see Tobey still trying to put up a facade but it looks like the Botsfords are breaking his walls down.
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