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12/10/2017 c15 Saga.ELM
I love this, and I admire your ability to do this while in college. World knows I can't.
12/3/2017 c15 136Devin Trinidad
Congrats on almost completely finishing college! Go you!

Anyway, this was such a nice, heartwarming, stupidly adorable chapter. :D Oh my gosh, I'm still in shock that Becky was so close to revealing everything to Tobey and the fact that she just kissed him. KISSED HIM. Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!

Sorry, this review probably isn't comprehensive. But still. I found myself smiling.

Keep up the great work!
11/27/2017 c15 4vcjb242
This was beautifully written and I squealed reading the last part. I really like the pacing and how they are not moving too fast. This was worth the wait and you can take all the time you need because you're worth it.
11/27/2017 c15 6emeraldblossom34
Oh my gosh I loved this chapter so much! The way their final conversation was full of emotions and character development made me so satisfied with how this story is going. I really liked your writing and the plot.
11/27/2017 c15 Sam
I have not really been in the Wordgirl fandom for a while now, butttt this story is the one thing that always manages to draw me back in. and i still feel the same intense feelings now as i used to, your writing is so good!

I feel flustered just from READING that ending wow. holy damn! I could seriously feel the electricity you are painting between them; its so intense and i love it! they are SOOOO clearly in love with each other I JUST NEED THESE TWO IDIOTS TO CONFESS TO EACH OTHER OML. I love just how flustered they get after these little moments with each other. Im so excited to continue to read how becky and tobey progress from this point!

Amazing update as usual! your work continues to astound! take as much time as you need to finish, this story is art!
11/25/2017 c15 15MLPStevenUniverseLPS
This is getting awesome (r)
11/25/2017 c15 6InuKaglover4ev22
This was really good! XD
I love the progress of Becky and Tobey’s relationship. They have truly become the best of friends, and I really hope they would confess their feelings for one another before the story ends. And I hope that she tells him about her being WordGirl soon. I really want to know how he’s going to react.
And their reactions in the beginning from Tobey kissing Becky’s hand was really adorable. XD

Well, anyway, great chapter and can’t wait to read the next one. ;D
11/25/2017 c15 75CartoonNerd12
Hey awesome, I'm almost done with college too! And this chapter made me squeal and scream so hard! JUST KISS ALREADY YOU TWO! IT'S OBVIOUS YOU'RE IN LOVE! Great job and I can't wait for the last few chapters!
11/25/2017 c15 allybkarat
I always smile when I find these updates in my inbox. This is the best Tobecky fanfiction out there. YOU WRITE THEM SO WELL THAT I CAN SEE THE ENTIRE EPISODE IN MY MIND AHHHHH
Your writing makes my heart flutter and my days brighter. Seriously, thank you for everything.
9/22/2017 c14 4vcjb242
It makes me sad to see her another amazing, colossal and stupendous fanfic not yet finished. I understand your reasoning behind it. I respect you but it still makes me sad.
9/3/2017 c1 15MLPStevenUniverseLPS
I have read your whole story... I have a kind of question...

To finalize making Tobey a good guy... Why not have him have an altercation with word girl and Tobey gives her an ultimatum... "WordGirl, I'll give you one last chance. On my word I will turn away from evil if you answer this truthfully. Are you Becky Botsford?

Then there could be two potential outcomes... What do you think?
8/31/2017 c14 Cabunny
8/13/2017 c14 5SnowyTSW
I haven't watched WordGirl in years, but after remembering it and looking up some fanfictions, I was hooked into your story. The way you keep your plot and your characters in canon the entire time amazes me. How do you do it? xD

On another note, I love the way you developed Tobey's character over time. There's just something about his character that is oddly... relatable to my own life. It's kind of refreshing. Out of all the fanfiction I've read, I've never read a story that I could relate and connect to, so that's a first.

Either way, I want to say very well done with this story. The writing is simply amazing. I look forward to seeing what happens
8/3/2017 c14 TobeckyLover16
I just wanted to say that I love Something Hidden so far and I'm excited to see how the rest of the story goes.
Also don't worry about updating quickly. Your health is more important than that. I'm a perfectionist as well so I sort of understand how you feel. :)
7/28/2017 c1 17Night N. Gail
This is gonna be a weird review. I'm just gonna come out with that up front. :}

I actually haven't read Something Hidden. I read the first chapter a really long time ago, and was always curious to read the rest, but I decided not to just yet for two reasons: first, I wanted to wait until it was finished so as to avoid the pain of cliffhangers (yes, I'm that spoiled :P), and second, I am myself writing something of a post-series timeline having to do with Tobey's personal growth and I didn't want what happens in my story to be colored by what happens in yours.

However, I have been sort of 'following' your story ever since I experimentally sorted the WordGirl archive by faves and follows, and saw that you had the top spot in both categories (did you know that? ;D). Now don't take this the wrong way, but when MY Tobey story started getting popular, I started thinking of you as sort of a friendly rival. The status of Something Hidden was like this faraway goal that I knew I'd probably never be able to reach but that I couldn't help but wistfully think about. Like, I'd check my stats and be like, 'Check it out! I've broken 50 faves! That's almost half of what Something Hidden has!' XP

But I always respected your ability to attract such a large and dedicated following over such a long period of time, as well as your ability to faithfully stick with the story even when the going gets tough and molasses-trudgingly slow. I also really like how you go to the trouble of picking two words for each chapter and using them over and over again the way the show does. I imagine that makes each chapter feel like its own episode, and I think that's awesome. For what it's worth, I really do want to read this story eventually. :3

Anyway, the main reason I wanted to leave this review was because, due to some freak twinge of curiosity, I read the long personal Author's Note you left at the end of chapter 14, and now I feel really bad for you. :( I don't know what to say that might help, but I wanted to at least offer you my encouragement and tell you that I am once again impressed by the level of your dedication to this story. You may not finish it for another 3 years, but I have no doubt that when you do, no one will ever be able to boot you from your well-earned top spots. Not even I, who will nonetheless forever be trying and hoping to.

I hope life starts treating you more softly soon, and I wish you all the best! God bless you, Angel!

Sincerely, Night
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