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11/22/2016 c13 Turtle777
Oh my goodness I come back and you've updated 3 times?! This is what happens when I get too wrapped up in the Stars. (Star Wars and Star Trek).
It has been forever since I've looked at wordgirl stuff...

Anyway, I loved the whole 'doing a school project together' and then of course Miss Davis had to ruin it! : )

The camping was cute,( you always write the Botsfords so spot on). I love their banter, (as usual), and Tobey's suddenly embarrassed state of mind. (Especially aroumd his granny sweet mum mum)

Beautiful writing as usual. Will be looking forward to future updates.

P.S. Glad you had fun at camp! :)
11/6/2016 c13 Sam
Both of these past two chapters were just utterly darling! I've been reading other Tobecky fanfitions and they just don't capture the beautiful sassy/flirtacious relationship i imagine tobey and becky having as they got older that you do. I really like where you have been taking this story. I can always feel the intense atmosphere you create between them and its wonderful! Hands down the best scene was when they were laying down together there at the end. I could really FEEL what Tobey was feeling; how nervous he was that the girl he is basically in love with is choosing to lay down beside him. Man, these two chapters were worth the wait! Also, I love picturing Tobey wearing a beanie; it just sounds super adorable and so him XD keep up the good work!
11/6/2016 c13 6emeraldblossom34
Ok I LOVE it when they have midnight conversations and then that last scene where they fall asleep is adorable! I also noticed in this chapter how well you've written the characterization of everyone, like I can really imagine that Tim would sing and Johnson would follow TJ. You've nailed these characters really well.
11/6/2016 c13 6InuKaglover4ev22
This was really good. :)
I liked the stories that they told. Especially the one about the Sun Prince and Moon Princess. It reminded me a lot of Sailor Moon since Serena is the Moon Princess of the Moon Kingdom and Darien is the Earth Prince of the Earth Kingdom. (Sailor Moon is my favorite anime, if you didn't already know. :3) I also liked Tobey's story, as well. He pranked them so well. XD
Tobey and Becky are getting closer and closer. I love it. XD

Well, anyway, great chapter and can't wait to read the next one. ;D
11/5/2016 c13 4fromhexagon
AAAHHHHH SO MUCH FLUFF seriously I had to wait until I alone in my dorm to read this because otherwise the amount of grinning and laughing I did at my computer screen during these chapters would've made my roommate worry about me
Aghh I'm so sorry that I haven't reviewed in like, forever... I've been really enjoying the story, but I've had a hard time converting [internal screaming due to fluff and OTP feels] into a coherent review. :/
I really love how the story feels like it's moving beyond the show, with the Narrator trying out new intros and the main characters literally moving away from the city for a while. It makes me really feel like they're in a place (literally and figuratively?) where their relationship can finally develop into something beyond what the show ever did, and in a really natural way, too - which (at least it feels like to me) can be difficult to do well in fanfic, especially with these stubborn kids. And you're doing it so well and aaahhhhh
I can kinda tell that your style has changed, but I can't really tell how? I do notice that your style right now has a lot of awesome things going on - your description of the settings made me feel like I was actually there (not just creating mental images), for example, and you've got a really good balance between dialogue and action and description which makes it really feel dynamic and engaging.
I loved so many little things in this chapter alone, from the teasing during the struggle to put together the frame, to the cupcake peace offering (Thanksgiving episode reference, right?), to the stories they each chose to tell - the details from the characters and the show which really added to the in-character/authentic feel were incorporated really naturally.
Also, your ending lines are always so good! Tbh the "He was a selfish person, after all" from ch 11 has stuck with me since you published it because ugH feels, and this chapter's was such a perfect note to end on (for now), and... yeah, awesome job with them.
11/5/2016 c13 Deepizzaguy
Thank you for sharing where you get your ideas to write these fan fictions.
11/5/2016 c13 75CartoonNerd12
Glad things are working out for our favorite ship and I absolutely loved the use of telling stories especially Bob, Becky, and Tobey's!
11/5/2016 c12 6InuKaglover4ev22
This was really good. I'm glad Becky and Tobey are trying to be friends for real this time. :)
I wonder what fun and mischief they're going to get into at the cabin. :3

Well, anyway, great chapter and can't wait to read the next one. ;D
11/4/2016 c12 2EllaDeWriter
Yay! I forgot that this story existed for a while, but I'm glad you uploaded another chapter! xD
The characters are all great in these later chapters- though it is a bit difficult in the beginning, especially with the Narrator. Still, despite that, this story was very difficult to put down, and I could really visualize some of the scenes in my head!
Great job!
11/4/2016 c12 Deepizzaguy
Pretty good story of the Wordgirl crew growing up and enjoying their life adventures.
11/4/2016 c12 6emeraldblossom34
11/4/2016 c12 25MusicKeeper
I have to say, it was weird to read "promoted" instead of "graduated." I've never heard that used for students moving up.

Anyway - this was cute! I'm sooooooo glad Tobey and Becky are going to be tentative (though I hope that doesn't last for long) friends now!

Can't wait for the next chapter!
10/2/2016 c11 Sparrow ravenclaw
i hope you update soon this is an amazing story i really want to see how it ends (x)
8/13/2016 c3 3Guitar Amateur
Even though I am very disgruntled that the people around Becky and Tobey lay it on so thick, I have to admit that it fits well with the exaggeration the show is normally prone to. Except... in a gushy direction. o_o
Yet I'm still reading. Whyyyyy hahaha
7/29/2016 c10 Hannah
You know, last chapter I saw a Hannah mentioned in the A/N and I was thinking "wait, is that me?" So I checked the reviews and saw the grammar excitement and went "yep, sounds like me."
(and I noticed it happened again this chapter. :))

First of all, I loved Tobey integrating into the Botsfords a lot.
Second, I really liked the scene with Scoops on his phone. I thought it captured everyone's sort of role in the friend group really well, but what caught my attention was Tobey's immediate leap to "destroy" and then "how else would you get his attention?" I really liked the allusion to his battles with Wordgirl even if it made me sad. I also liked how Violet was the one to show him the other option because friends as guiding lights are important, you know? And I want him to have more than Becky. Which is probably also why I loved his integration into the Botsfords.

I don't remember why I slipped back to the WordGirl fandom, but it reminded me to check on this fic, so yay!
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