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7/29/2016 c11 UltimateShipperOfShips
I love where this story is going! I wish I had actually seen their small skit. XD
It seemed fun. I remember when I first read this story in like 2014(I think), it only had about 4 chapters at the time, but I loved it! Everyday I would check for an update. Though, I just made an account, since I was reading as a guest and all.
Anyway, I really love this story! w
7/4/2016 c11 25MusicKeeper
I love your ask-tobey-mccallister-iii blog, but I love reading this story just as much! It makes me so happy and gives me all the happy, fluffy Tobecky feels. I just hope nothing horrible happens at this point because these two deserve a happy ending.

(I might also be looking forward to the chapter when Tobey and Becky come to terms with their feelings and admit how they feel to each other. That ... is going to happen in this story, right?)
7/2/2016 c11 3Mr. Meowington
I enjoyed this chapter...hit me a bit in the feels at the end
6/28/2016 c11 6emeraldblossom34
OMG SO CUTE! This was great:) cannot wait for more
6/25/2016 c11 Leviprime
Omg you actually used my idea XD Welp u r welcome dude!

This whole chapter made me giggle like a young child.

Its nice to see Tobey getting along with TJ (I'm just saying TJ would make a great brother in law if Tobey ever marries Becky *cough cough*)

Tobey's reaction after hearing what Lady Redundant told him made me squeal man, this boy has it so bad XD

Aww come on Tobes u know u want to be part of Becky's group friends dont deny it
6/25/2016 c10 Leviprime
AHHH the amount of fluff is illegal (not really) :3

Aww we get to see a lil bit of cute Sciolet moment

Oh boy Tobey has it really bad doesn't he :3

Dat Cedric reference tho
6/16/2016 c11 7Arthur101SueEllen
Excellent chapter!
6/16/2016 c1 4zimvids
I wasnt expecting an update so suddenly! Wow; I very much enjoyed the performance of course, that was splendid! But my favorite part of the chapter was definitely when Tobey realized that Becky had feelings for him; the description of his emotions and what he was thinking and the running to his room, idk why but that was absolutely perfect! It was wonderfully descriptive; just loved it! The pacing continues to be wonderful; I can't wait for a few chapters down the line when they completely fall in love and are together at last!
6/15/2016 c11 3kingjohnson424
You're back kinda
6/13/2016 c11 ElenLome

I love it! That was amazing!

I'm not gonna make a fuss about when you should update because that would be very hypocritical, seeing how I never tell my readers when I'll be updating, so I don't end up not updating in time, but I hope you update soon.

6/11/2016 c11 fangirl345
Dude, I've been reading your wordgirl fanfic ever since you started posting your first chapter, but I haven't reviewed it so I feel like I should do one, now that I read your recent update.
Let me start on how great the plot of this story is. It's very creative and interesting! Out of all the Wordgirl fanfics I read, this one stood out the most. It has great tone, it's very detailed, and everything makes perfect sense instead of being confusing.
Second, all of the characters are, well, in character. None of them seem to exaggerated or out-of-character. I specifically love how you write Becky and Tobey's character. it's all on point.
Lastly, the interaction of both Becky and Tobey is amazing. I love how they are slowly becoming friends and I really like how they even have those moments that they help each other out and are starting to realize that they both can relate with one another. I especially like those Tobecky moments too. They make me squeal every time I read them and I even reread them 3 times because it's just that cute and adorable!
Over all, This story is perfect. Can't wait for your next update soon. Your writing has improved so much! Keep up the good work and never stop writing! :)
6/11/2016 c11 Approximately Samara
I love this story :) definitely one of my favorite wordgirl ones
6/11/2016 c11 6Rosezelene Ersa
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I love how all the Villans stick their noses into Tobey and Becky's relationship XD
It's so hilarious how they acted, It amazes me how you stick to the heart of the show. As much at the Villans are at odds with Wordgirl they really do love her, in their own ways, and you write that really well.
I also completely adore how Tobey called her his "Darling". I'm pretty sure my mom thought I was dying when I fell on the floor in a fit of fangirl-induced giggles at him being so secretly cute
It's nice to see that he does like her for both sides, not just the superhero.
And his advice- my respect grew so much for him right then. It's ironic since he was talking about what she'd already done for him, and not her own brother. The robot scene was absolutely EPIC. I need to see fan art of Becky catching him bridal-style, with anime sparkles and kawaii blushes XD
This has to be my favorite chapter so far, but only by a smidgen since the rest of your chapters are just as fangirl-spazz-inducing :D
(You always brighten my day as well~ )

6/11/2016 c9 PencilPunch
I love the way you use perfect grammar, with no spelling flaws. And you made sure Becky is still a word dork. It's amazing how the cast stayed in character while you gave them more depth than the flaky animations they appear to be on television. This is intriguing so thank you for the wonderful read!
6/10/2016 c11 6InuKaglover4ev22
This was really good. :)
I'm glad Becky and the gang did well on their project, besides Miss Davis' coffee causing the dragon-robot to malfunction.

Well, anyway, great chapter and can't wait to read the next one. ;D
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