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3/8/2014 c4 8LisaMichelle25
Nooo don't end it with May/Ward! As fanfiction writers it's our creative right to alter what we see that we don't like as I personally hate May/Ward and always re-write that so he ends up with Skye or just point blank ignore it ever happened and therefore never does in my own fics (I have them as a close friendship nothing romantic). I really want SkyeWard to happen in your story so pleaseeeeee. I can't write about ships that I hate without them coming out really angsty and aggressive lol So I'm hoping you've simply had them talk and get drunk but nothing more :D Other than the May/Ward ending loved the chapter!

May/Ward isn't going to last forever in the show. Even the writers have said that so... XD
3/8/2014 c4 1Salkri Kachemench
Aww liked this :) not a fan of Mayward either
3/7/2014 c4 Belle97
Really love it :) can't wait for more
3/7/2014 c4 SamXFraser
Great Chapter. I enjoy reading it.
3/7/2014 c4 13Operative CG16
Loved it! And exactly! I screamed at my tv when *shudder* mayward happened
2/27/2014 c3 1Salkri Kachemench
Aww that was very cute, loving the Skyeward moments!
2/26/2014 c3 SamXFraser
Wonderful Chapter. It was so near by the Episode and yet a little bit warmer. Thank you for that.
2/26/2014 c3 Belle97
Hahahaha omgg that scene with agents Sitwell XD it's still freakin' hilarious! I'm still laughing like an idiot XD
Loved the kiss on her forehead in the end! :))

Yesss I'm soooooooo excited for the new episode! Can't wait 'till next week :D I even set a countdown after the last episode ended xd
I had an examweek and a vacation during the break so those things distracted me :p and this week my other tv-shows will come back so I'll just live in dinial for a week and then I'll be good XD and FF helped me through this of course x)
2/18/2014 c2 Guest
2/18/2014 c2 Salkri Kachemench
Liked that you used and adapted the story :P It fitted in well! Please can you do some more ep crossovers or drabbles - specifically about the most recent ep 13? It left me really heartbroken and I have a feeling since you're a good author, your fanfics will help heal it :P
2/11/2014 c1 8LisaMichelle25
I loved reading Aftermath so I'm really happy you choose to write a sequel. I love it so far. It was a great opening chapter. Hoping for a development in SkyeWard in this sequel :D
2/11/2014 c1 Belle97
Yesss teambonding time :)) I love those moments! :D I'm so glad there's a sequel! :D
Can't wait for more
2/11/2014 c1 1Salkri Kachemench
Aww loving this sequel already, enjoyed the last fic lots, so can't wait for more of this! :P
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