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9/18 c21 Eroraf
Meddling mothers manufacture many merry mishaps. Monk Miroku moans.
2/10 c1 eragon5443
I love it, good job and I'm glad you came back and finished it.
10/27/2022 c21 little25victor
Oh, GOSH! That was treat! Or maybe a Trick? But, We Never Find Out if They Got All the SHARDS!?

Happy Halloween to You! ;D
10/25/2022 c21 19Dragon and Sword Master
okay, so apparently I was wrong...and they learned a valuable lesson. Don't try out pranking a prankster. This was a good story and glad to see it come to an end. Well done as always DameM
10/25/2022 c20 Dragon and Sword Master
Yeah, Sesshomaru's mother probably doesn't have the ability to travel through time like Kagome and Inuyasha do, but then again, Kagome and Inuyasha don't know that...
10/25/2022 c17 Dragon and Sword Master
It's not wise to prank a prankster Kagome...though this should be quite fun all the same. Though something tells me this will backfire before long. Or Sesshomaru's mother will have her revenge.
10/25/2022 c1 Aldana ruth
Ok ok. No hay problema! Entiendo, lo dejo a mi parecer el castigo de sesshomaru. Muchas gracias por compartir esta historia con nosotros!. Muchas gracias por responder. Y por supuesto que voy a pasar por tus otras historias! Nos leemos pronto!
10/25/2022 c14 Dragon and Sword Master
I would have loved to see the spit take that Sesshomaru did at the mention of his mother fornicating with Naraku of all people. Also mess with Rin and death will be pleasant compared to what Fluffy-sama will do to his ward / future wife (which I still find weird btw)
10/25/2022 c21 Aldana ruth
Que lue hizo a sesshōmaru-sama por favor, quiero saber!
Muchas gracias por la actualización!
10/23/2022 c20 little25victor
Who will win THIS race to the future? Haha, haHA!
10/23/2022 c19 little25victor
Sigh. Well I hope they do meet again. But does that mean that the hellhound took out Kanna? I always felt a little sorry for her; Naraku did her wrong after her being loyal to him.
10/23/2022 c18 little25victor
Oh My! Are Fluffy-sama and Kagura REALLY going to get married? At the very least is Kagura going to get her freedom? I have to admit that Kagura has been my favorite baddy in Inuyasha.
10/23/2022 c20 4kokoronagomu
i love the honorable mother, she amuses me! so much better than the evil and cruel ones i've seen.

they're distressing over the possibility of having to miss their favorite future offerings that kagome brings them. when she can no longer traverse the well, it'll be like that too.
10/23/2022 c20 Aldana ruth
JAJAJJAJAJAJAJAJAJJAJA el ramen no, el ramen no se toca! Gracias! Que tengas una buena semana!
10/23/2022 c19 kokoronagomu
i was only joking about the tentacles. lol the questions i usually ask are merely my conjecturing, i understand that they might or might not be answered in future chapters. ;)

now that naraku's gone, they've only a couple other shards to collect and then, whatever that will happen for the tachi and the jewel.
thank you, i enjoy your humor!
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