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for The Finch and the Mockingbird

2/9 c1 ShawnSpenceStarr
Did I just read this again?... Maybe.
Am I still holding on to hope of a sequel?... Without a single doubt!
11/8/2020 c17 ShawnSpenceStarr
I can’t find the sequel! Where is it? *Cries
3/16/2019 c3 1I Am A Difference Maker
Ahh, TKaM is my favorite novel of all time, too! XD And Atticus IS the best fictional character of all time. *Insert tear-stained face* This is a GREAT story! Your characterizations are spot-on; I love it!
1/4/2018 c17 3KeepHoping
I am really impressed with this story. When I write, my biggest problem is always the villain. How to make him both human and inhuman. Believable, yet so cruel that he seems impossible. You managed to do that perfectly. I loved how you used the idea from To Kill A Mockingbird. I really enjoyed reading that book even if it has been a couple of years. Now I want to reread it. I just created my FanFiction account and plan on posting a story soon. I wanted to ask if you would be willing to let me use your villain and plot. I have been considering writing a story about Shawn’s son and an OC character. This plot would be perfect. I would change it by having different characters as well as a very different ending. I totally understand if you’re not okay with this. If you don’t tell me that it’s alright then I won’t do it. Whether you let me or not I just wanted to say that your story inspired me. It was a really enjoyable read. I can’t wait to check out what other stories you’ve written.
11/10/2017 c17 Camaraderiee
This is incredibly well written! You managed a small novel! I was blown away by the detail in the plot and the accurate and believable character portrayals. Thank you so much!
5/25/2017 c1 Lady Lost-A-Lot
Psst! So... I've noticed you're writing more Psych fix again, and I was reading this (again!) the other day, cause I love it so much! Just wanted to remind you that you did promise us a sequel that I'm really looking forward to.
3/26/2017 c17 Lady Lost-A-Lot
I loved this! I just found this fic a couple of months ago and I've reread it a few times because I enjoyed it so much. When is the sequel going to be posted?
3/3/2017 c17 7MagicWarriorDragon
Wow, this was a wild ride. I wasn't sure if this was going to be something I would like at first, but then I started reading it and it was exactly my cup of tea. Haha, "She didn't think it would go well to try to shake his left foot in greeting, even if it was the only limb that wasn't significantly injured." Shawn would have been very amused with that! I loved every bit of this story, and it is really one of the best psych fics on here, if not the best. Thank you for writing this.
12/28/2016 c17 bowties-scarves-and-magic
wow! this was the BEST psych story I have read ever! amazing work on the characters, dialogue, and descriptions! not to mention the plot! I can't not wait till the sequel comes out! just wow, I love your work!
11/2/2016 c17 5Snowbeardolphin
I like how you wrote this story.
6/16/2016 c1 12BrokenSky49
And this story was just as great the second time around. (: You're so talented!

Have I ever mentioned that I absolutely LOVE the chapter titles? They're perfect. Top notch.

Anyway, are you still planning on posting a sequel? I hope so! If not, totally understandable.

Keep on being awesome!
4/17/2016 c8 1Little Psycho x
Just thought I'd mention that a hurricane and a tornado are the same thing, sorry if I seem a bit rude, stuff like that just irks me XD but your stories great! Really enjoying it so far!
11/6/2015 c17 4MandaScooby
Just finished reading this one. Can't wait for the sequel!
10/10/2015 c17 Guest
I know you posted this story last year, but I have to say, this is the second story of yours I've read (I think) and I absolutely ADORE your writing! If an author's writing style doesn't match the characters, even slightly, I stop reading the story. But I couldn't help but go to the next chapter with your fanfics! Also, I LOVE your references to everything I love. XD Such as DC Talk, Duck Dynasty, Phineus and Ferb, just to name a few. Keep up the fanTASTIC work! God bless!
8/16/2015 c14 katierw80
I'm re-reading this story for at least the second time. Lots of work went into writing this! The one very small critique I have is that there would have been a helicopter to the kidnapping scene instead of an ambulance for someone in that location with injuries that bad.
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