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8/5/2022 c6 1Layla Anderson
Lily is changing, but I'm not totally in love with her new persona. I get it that she shouldn't let others walk over her and maybe it's just a reaction to her being hurt, but it's almost like she's transforming into Catherine and vice versa
8/5/2022 c4 Layla Anderson
Catherine is really mean
8/5/2022 c3 Layla Anderson
I wonder what made James break up with her and I think Lilly is reacting just like a normal teenager, she's learning but still confused.
8/5/2022 c2 Layla Anderson
the girls seem nice and they can blabber a lot :)) but I'm glad they gave Lily some strength and i liked the part where they said " sex is just sex, without love it doesn't mean anything.
8/5/2022 c1 Layla Anderson
OMG, that happened to me when I was young. I remember the excitement I felt as we were about to meet and then he delivered the blow, BAM! I don't know if I read about breakups before, but I wasn't going to let him embarrass me so I sucked it in and didn't cry until I got to my room. I personally think that loving someone just because they say they love you is wrong, but James was Lilly's first. Btw, I love her name and I guess she reacted accordingly. I like the writing style and I will see how the story goes.
10/8/2021 c8 Guest
Ew just ewwwwww
8/11/2014 c1 5PairingMatters
Don't know what James is on about.
5/10/2014 c7 7julesver
I enjoy this fresh outtake on Sirius/Lilly's relationship. You manage to keep Lilly's reaction realistic without making her seem like a love strung girl. Great job!
4/30/2014 c1 4CarriePlum
I love this first chapter. I appreciate a new take on their romance since in the books she is like a Mary Sue. And I lol'ed at his beer belly!
4/12/2014 c8 Guest
When's the next chapter? :)
2/28/2014 c2 8Painton
Well... You're analysis of Lily's emotional rollercoaster post-breakup was good, good depth to it although at time it seems like a lot of detail to be thinking about all at once if she is as emotional as you suggest. The dialogue was a bit stilted, though, and way too juvenile. If Reid and Catherine are going to be crass, that's one thing, but they sounded like kids pretending to be grown up rather than actually being older than Lily. And there's no reason for casual homophobic slurs. Trigger warning much?

Your technical skills were good. I would only suggest a little more attention to how the individual sentences flow together. Otherwise, it was well written.
2/25/2014 c6 fwdsv jkgfewdlkas
I don't know. It's all a blur of parties and drinking and sex and guys and relationships seem to be the only thing happening. And Remus likes Lily was a turn off. Also, it was 1970 not ancient history. And i guess your story was to show James maturing, I guess but so much of James hate is getting on my nerves.

2/25/2014 c2 fwdsv jkgfewdlkas
err... Reid and Catherine are lovely. But I suppose you'll have already done this in later chapters, they need to be separated. I'm a bit confused about who's who.

Btw, have you by any chance read the Zahir by Paulo Coehlo?
2/24/2014 c8 Covered in Bruises
Here's the issue with the fic, I've reached a point where I don't care what happens to them because all of them pretty much suck. James is a bit of an ass, Sirius is a complete traitor and waste of skin and Lily, oh god Lily is a combination of everything that is wrong with the world.

Thats why I'm stopping here and why I think you have so few reviews. Its one thing to write a "dark" fic and another for all of the characters to be completely unlikable.
2/23/2014 c8 1TinaMarie05
Well James' plan won't work since he's obviously doing it for the wrong reasons. Well hopefully it works out the way lily hopes
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