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9/2/2014 c3 mxxm
Would love to see an update on this!
8/5/2014 c3 6SA23
Could you please update?
7/15/2014 c3 11CRebel
To be honest, not many fanfics can keep me reading past the first paragraph, but yours has, and I'm so very happy about it. I don't know Elyssa very well after only three chapters, but my tentative assessment is that she's a good character. She's dutiful enough to marry Ramsay, but strong enough that she isn't automatically under his thumb, which is a nice combination - I feel like too many people write OCs (especially women) as these fiery little do-what-I-wants, but that's just not realistic. For women in most situations, doing what needed to be done for their family was the best and/or only choice, but that didn't make them weak - in fact, in some ways, it showed their strength. I also admire your decision to make Elyssa pretty, but not gorgeous; unattainable beauty is a common enough trap for fanfic writers (one I've been guilty of on more than one occasion, I'm afraid).

Basically, in my opinion, you're a good writer and you have a good character and story. I hope you'll keep going with it.
7/15/2014 c3 4Mystical Memories
You know, I'm really confused as to why I like this yet I do. So please update! I can't bear to wait much longer.
7/6/2014 c3 Mrs Sorbo
I can only hope that as starved for affection and recognition Ramsey must be he will learn to appreciate his wife.
6/20/2014 c3 Guest
i like this!maybe you can try to make this romantic at the end?like ramsay falling inlove with elyssa?
6/18/2014 c3 brittany.h.weinstein
Love this story! Can't wait to see what happens next! Keep it up! :)
6/16/2014 c3 2Lady Halfheart
Oh my God! I am so horrified at Ramsay in your story... I love it! Finally a decent Ramsay Bolton story! And by such an awesome writer too... I am so, so glad I found your fan fiction: it's amazing! You describe him so well. You truly show the real vicious, violent and dark side of Ramsay that people seem to forget because of how he is in the show. Well done!
The only little remark I have is that maybe your story is going too fast... Or maybe I'm just used to stories being slow! It's still amazing, I am in love
Keep up the good work, you have a new fan!
6/6/2014 c3 Cunt Blaster
Nice call, Black Wedding, makes sense. Update soon.
6/6/2014 c2 Cunt Blaster
If my dark side was a person, it would be Ramsay.
6/5/2014 c3 nanjcsy
Really good story you have here..cannot wait to see how it goes when they return to Dreadfort. What of reek? is he in this storyline?
6/2/2014 c3 Linn
I'm really looking forward the rest. Please update soon, it's great :)
5/18/2014 c3 3holdinghisheart
Ugh, I feel so sad for Elyssa, and all the things she have to go through. Amazing chapter as always, it's so original and well-writen that it's definitely one of the best stories I've ever read. You shouldn't worry about the dark theme neither, when something include Ramsay Snow - it's bound to be dark ;) I hope you'll update soon. Amazing work on this! :)
5/17/2014 c3 19Maddie Rose
Your story is so addictive, ma cherie! I know I've told you this dozens of times. But a pairing with Ramsay is just so uncommon and you're pulling it off very nicely thus far. Poor Elyssa, I do feel sorry for her having to go through that on her wedding night. It's already obvious her marriage to him won't be a pleasant one. You've really gotten his character right. I can't wait for another update, I'm excited to see how things pan out once they get to the Dreadfort!
5/17/2014 c3 5LunaEvanna Longbottom
Poor Elyssa, maybe someone will take pity on her soon and kill Ramsay. Just a thought.
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