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for The Mark of Hircine

3/11/2019 c6 Guest
3 hope that you can finish this ! Love your Vilkas and your reader!
2/10/2019 c6 17hrtiu
Ok I love this story and please please update. It walks a fine line between romance and drama and horror, and you really capture the narrator's (is it a narrator when written from this pov?) Both fear of and attraction to Hircine. I also am just a huge sucker for Vilkas and really like how you write him. Please update! I need closure!
7/16/2018 c6 Guen
please please pleaseee update! 3
7/13/2018 c6 6Lord of the Gauntlets
Hey this is super cool! I love the style *can make it as gay as I want, haha* and you've got a fabulous idea. Keep it up, I cant wait to read more :)
6/15/2018 c6 Guest
update ,great work!
6/8/2018 c6 Lydia
Hircine,you have to let Vilkas go! ohh my so in love for long time for this story!
6/4/2018 c5 Nina
so in love with this story and so happy that you update!
8/11/2017 c4 Guest
need that you update this please! 3
5/12/2017 c4 mia78
update pls!
1/31/2017 c4 Guen
I'm in love with your story,hope fo update!
7/11/2016 c4 Guest
here for you
6/8/2016 c4 Mia78
I'm waiting...I'm waiting..oh please..update! :)
5/6/2016 c4 P
Please update...this is so good and I need Vilkas free...poor wolf...and him and the Harbinger...they must clarify
4/29/2016 c4 Guest
4/29/2016 c4 Manu
ahhh that mess ! Hircine wants to trap the Harbinger, and he want to do this using Vilkas! The harbinger is so anxious about Vilkas, and moments does not know what to do! I like this story and rooting for the Harbinger and Vilkas, now I'm also sad for him, already, Vilkas believes that Farkas and the harbinger are in love!
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