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2/14/2014 c1 112dogbertcarroll
Poor bastard.
2/14/2014 c1 1Lufio

Had the same premise
As another fic I've read,
But this turned Bad End.

-[ I have actually read a story where Harry gained memories from Xander and got a little less stupid as a result. It's called "Halloween Echoes", and it's an unpublished story on Caer Azkaban. But in that one he didn't lose them next day, a la "Flowers for Algernon". He just got more bloodthirsty. ]-
2/13/2014 c1 63erbkaiser - closed account
Sad ending. But yes there must be something about magic that negates the ability to use logic. Even the supposed intelligent ones like Dumbledore, Riddle, or the Ravenclaws make idiotic mistake upon mistake.
2/13/2014 c1 solitare
So Harry became stupid again? Well that was a waste of time. [X]
2/13/2014 c1 4what are you even saying
Two stupid characters getting smarter. I can live with that. Cheers for being one of the few authors I'm aware of that doesn't glorify Xander by virtue of him being the only regular human male on the show who isn't a librarian.
2/13/2014 c1 Mark
It always hurts when a character gains something powerful only for it to be immediately stripped away. The fact that the power was common sense makes this all the more painful.
2/13/2014 c1 deadal
so... in the end, harry is back to being stupid? damm, it would have been fun to have common-sense as power-he-know-not...
2/13/2014 c1 Chi Vayne
Very nice. Reminded me of a quote usually attributed to Winston Churchill - “Men occasionally stumble over the truth but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened."
2/13/2014 c1 9Number Six-Sixtysix
*Hisses and recoils*
Whilst the idea that Wizarding Britain was indoctrinating their fresh blood in the ways of stupid is certainly a compelling one, the idea that someone could not only revert to stupid after having been made intelligent, but also completely ignore the lessons they learnt whilst they were possessed of some brains, is, well, anathema.

Although, I have to admit the idea of 'what happened to the people they dressed as?' is also very compelling.
I forget precisely whereabouts in the series this occurs, but the idea of, say, Casper, suddenly getting a basic introduction to witchcraft is rather amusing.
2/13/2014 c1 56BajaB
Lol - poor Harry. Pity he didn't make some plans and write some notes while he was 'clear-headed'.
2/13/2014 c1 3deckman
Yikes! An enbrainiated Harry, even if only for a day. Interesting take on the trope!
2/13/2014 c1 goku90504
would'a been much better had harry not just fallen right back into the trap
2/13/2014 c1 4Pax Humana
A neat concept but depressing.
2/13/2014 c1 17timunderwood9
lol, so that didn't work out. The enstupidiation spells seemed to win out over Xander's enbrainiation.

Harry should have run, of course that wouldn't have worked in the end either.

Fun the way you subverted the expectation of things going well.
2/13/2014 c1 Pyro-Neko-Isis
Poor Harry, poor poor Harry
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