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2/20/2014 c1 4BigDongsandProsper
Lol, I love when Ben says, 'I'd rather sleep with Reaver!' I agree with him completely :)

This also proves the point evil skips a generation...

Lol, this really intrigued me and sometimes it's difficult for me to continue reading on with something without the urge to just skim through, but I never got that when reading this! I feel so bad for my Benny, what is that strumpet Lucinda going to do with him? Also, when does Reavy join this awesome story because maybe Ben's comment will come true and they'll sleep together and Logan can jump in too...and Barry...wait, that was weird, why did I say that? Don't know, lol, but I will finally say something that is not abnormal and that is that you should continue with chapter 2, because I really want to read more )

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