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for Kokoro no Gokai

10/15/2020 c2 Guest
11/4/2015 c2 4Hofund
Now this is a really good fic. Kinda wish you could make it a Cinderella-type sort of thing. It certainly had the potential...
9/6/2015 c2 OneAndOnlyKen
i g
10/23/2014 c2 camilla
aw...che carina!Amo questa storia da impazzire
7/10/2014 c2 Guest
*nosebleed* Too awesome - *faints*
4/18/2014 c2 MasterFiction
Great story! I really like the idea and your writing style is pretty good! There are a few mistakes here and there, and a really don't like how you used double apostrophes instead of quotation marks, but that seems to be rectified in chapter 2 so all is good! :D Look foward to any of your future projects!
3/14/2014 c2 29Sakuchii
I'm so glad that everything turned out for the best. And Tsurugi, so he never really loved Aoi, wasn't expecting that. But yeah, so people are like that. Once they get conffessed at, they start to get all kind of different conclusions. Anyway, I hope to read more of your stories. (Expect for RxC-stories, not my cup of tea ;D)
3/14/2014 c2 8Lotus Sword
Aaaaaw...So sweet! I'm glad that the misunderstanding is cleared up and that Tsurugi took it well.
2/15/2014 c1 Lotus Sword
OOhhhhh, like! :D I can't wait for the next chapter, it's very nice! Tsurugi isn't really boyfriend material, now is he? :p
2/14/2014 c1 49Shiranai Atsune
I happen to find that Valentine's Day one of the best.

I thought this was gonna be a Tsurugi/Aoi/Tenma fic... TT-TT Shouldn't have gotten my hopes to up.
2/14/2014 c1 29Sakuchii
Whoa! This was really nice chapter! I really liked the ball thing and how Aoi didn't recognize Tenma. I feel bad for Tsurugi too, he understood the whole thing the wrong way. He will surely be crushed to realize that Aoi doesn't love him. Will be waiting for the sequel! :D
2/14/2014 c1 8KonohaFox
O gosh... this was awesome! Update soon, I really like it!

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