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for Naruto the Shinobi reaper

10/14/2018 c2 ajhiscoming
yaoi is not where I would've taken it, but as long as ya keep it classy it's all good
9/7/2017 c4 thorn9042000
4/5/2017 c2 Guest
You made theme homosexual... No... Just no
2/7/2017 c4 4Monster King
Good story i can't wait until the next update.
8/21/2016 c2 Guest
You accidentally misspelled Sakura's last name, as well as the Japanese term for princess. It's Haruno and Hime.
7/4/2016 c4 Guest
This is a good one
3/4/2016 c4 2silvery crimson moon
This is an awesome story!
2/16/2016 c4 1davycrockett100
awesome job keep it up and i am hoping for a harem or multiple people with Naruto
2/12/2016 c4 xider
i don't know why, but a naruto/kiba relationship actually kinda fits this story. id be happy to see it, unless you have someone else in mind.
2/1/2016 c4 thor94
interesting story
naruto is badass.
for pairing with naruto, i want kyuubi, haku and gaara (with naruto as uke)
1/30/2016 c4 tiger
it's an all right story but you could do with a beta to check your spelling and if you r not sure how to spell character names i would recommend you check .com although I don't understand why you have misspelled kurenai's name in this chapter as well as the previous one as you spelled it correctly in chapter 2.
1/30/2016 c4 Silvermane1
Fantastic can Haku be with Naruto and Kiba
1/30/2016 c4 1buterflypuss
12/7/2015 c2 4reaver216
Please update this story I like it
7/23/2015 c3 reaver216
please update i can't wait for more this is going to be a kyuu x naru yaoi story isn't it
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