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for Valentine's Day special NaZa

8/23/2019 c1 Meazm
Funny story you have ! beautiful too!
1/3/2018 c1 DnStop
This was actually pretty funny, more Nazu.
11/20/2016 c1 happypizzalover
2/16/2015 c1 2AiharaYuzu
Way to go Maxy! NaZa FTW! Of course, Erza would want to keep her figure by eating cake, pfftt..
8/19/2014 c1 11Muffinypowers
Oh God, not Boku no Pico… why would he even consider that?

But anyway, this was a combination of adorable and hilarious! I'm so glad more people are recognizing NatZa, and I don't quite mind GrUvia, so yay!
8/18/2014 c1 15The.Rayvenwolves
That was the single funniest thing I have ever found on here. I sincerely thank you for giving me an amazingly long laugh since its been a while since I laughed hard enough to cry. Keep up the excellent work.
3/4/2014 c1 12phantom130 5
Lol I really enjoyed this. My favorite part was when Natsu considered getting Erza a treadmill. I really wasn't expecting that. XD
2/16/2014 c1 1Ferdoos
great story
2/15/2014 c1 16Zeroexist
My reaction when Natsu got a Manga "YES!"
When I found out it was BnP "NOOOO! AHHHH NOOOO!" You got that right, I've seen the horrors... Of that show... Yaoi is one thing but they're like 10! TEN! -vomits-

Anyways, nice story. Had me laughing XD

- Knight
2/14/2014 c1 19ValinNight
Funny story :p liked it though!

2/14/2014 c1 bl00dshy
I loved it I thought it was really funny and 50 reviews to get a sequel what about your fans who read it and wanted more 50 is a little much don't you think.

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