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for A Daughter

2/1 c1 3WalkerWriter
What an amazing story!
1/16 c36 Princess Nessie1
Please update. I like your storyline.
11/21/2020 c1 jaylny
love this story! hopefully there will be more to come.
10/31/2020 c36 Chaoticassidy
I love this story so freaking much. It soothes all the aches in my soul
10/12/2020 c36 Guest
Love this story. I can't wait to see how it ends.
9/25/2020 c36 heralderofspringtime
I love this story! I think I read somewhere in the notes or something that it is canon couples? I sincerely hope not.

The stuff you wrote about Rosalie and Bella having had similar experiences - I completely agree! Edward violated Bella, ripped away the future he promised and destroyed her self-esteem and hope. Rose and Bella have a definite connection now. I could never believe Bella took Eddie back in the first place - but now I have a new level of understanding as to why it always bothered me. I don’t understand how someone could forgive and go back to someone who hurt them in such a profound way.

In addition, Bella is so much closer to the Whitlock’s now, especially Jasper, and her relationship with Alice is less strong. Was parts of Alice’s conversations and visions, foreshadowing the Jasper/Bella closeness developing? Maybe even a romantic relationship? They trust each other the most. And parts of Alive and Jasper’s relationship are red lights - Alice’s feelings about Jasper’s past, the implied reaction of Alice to Jasper’s scars, and the fact that Jasper doesn’t trust Alice enough to confide his darkest secrets.

Charlie’s letters upset me, especially with all that business about how Bella should be with Edward. I disagree entirely! He is an abuser!

Hope to see more of this story soon!
9/14/2020 c36 ChaoticH
I do hope you get back to this wonderful story.
8/26/2020 c36 Bluu
Amazing fic! Can't wait for update!
7/20/2020 c36 Guest
You put up the same chapter twice? Chapter 35 and 36
7/18/2020 c35 Guest
À wonderful story ! Please update soon !
7/2/2020 c28 fairytalesfantasies
I really like your story. Although I have some issues with the character of Bella in the original novels, the sentiments you convey are absolutely wonderful and heartwarming.
In this chapter especially Jasper made me think of a quote I once read in another fanfiction. It is by Khalil Gibran and goes: 'Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.' I think it fits beautifully with his story and what Bella tries to convey to him.
I hope to read more soon. :)
5/6/2020 c36 Guest
Please continue the story. I need to know how this ends. One of the best stories I've read in a while.
4/1/2020 c36 14Brittany-Mel
I do hope you continue this! I just completely binge read this and I’m dying for more! Hope all is well!
3/18/2020 c36 SnarkBait24
this is amazing! I love how the relationships are growing and healing. I agree that the loss of the whole family had an enormous effect on her. I definitely can't wait to see where you take us, but oh Lord, Renee? I see drama coming, especially bc she is essentially a flighty self-absorbed teenager (at least that's the impression I've always gotten about her). Charlie's letters though, they were perfection! and the epic bromance brewing between JasperBella? beyond perfection! thanks so much for sharing! can't wait for more
2/21/2020 c36 Entertainment lover
Fantastic chapter.
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