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7/9/2016 c1 43TheCartoonusMaximus
This is adorable.
4/14/2015 c1 26Fi Suki Saki
Awwwww... Awwwww... Awwwww...!

This is so Lovely! So Cute!

the short misunderstanding was nice touch!

I Love it! ;3
3/26/2015 c1 8master derpy-fem-Jay
7/10/2014 c1 Tim
I looooooooved this ! :D
6/14/2014 c1 14Ankoku-Ren
Oh God, that was so cute, I can't stop giggling. Adorable gay dorks in love always make my tummy feel fuzzy.
3/30/2014 c1 12TheStereotypicalShipper
Damn...this brought me back some feels. *Sigh* sadly I've been in Billy's situation where a prank was pulled on me. Sadly, I didn't have a happy ending. But I Did get stronger. I'm a football player and the prank was pulled by another team mate. He was the best friend of the guy I had a crush on and texted me through Facebook. It's all cool now because I'm an all state linebacker and an avid fanfic reader. Lol.

This story was great. I loved the situation too. It was simple and easy to work with. Keep writing!
2/23/2014 c1 princess
this gave me so many feelings
2/15/2014 c1 Pandas01
Dude aww this made my valentines day! Even though it was yesterday(x
2/15/2014 c1 Doni
Aww, I feel like I got my very own scarlet teddy bear. Thank you. :)

I pretty much read this, thinking the whole time that this was just too flipping adorable. Seriously, I awww'd. ;)
2/14/2014 c1 12sword slasher
SOOO CUTE too cute I almost choked on the cuteness :3

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