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4/8/2016 c3 Guest
I love your fiction
3/24/2016 c3 Guest
3/27/2014 c1 16aominecchi0831
The word tomb sounds too ancient for Akashis time. Maybe you should use grave/gravestone? Just suggesting.
Anyway, I like your concept very much. This gives Akashi a certain personality background (you give people the idea that Akashi has this win always personality because of his past-how his father treated him).
If you feel like you have too much grammatical errors, an English Language book and a dictionary always help...:D
3/14/2014 c2 1EclipseKuran
I love AkaKuro. Please update soon.
3/8/2014 c2 4mitsuyo-chan
Hey, that's not that bad, you know? :)
3/3/2014 c2 Eleoopy
Interesting start. I am assuming you going to have Akashi meeting kuroko and shock them both in next chapter. Then perhaps some misunderstanding since kuroko is never good at explaining things and I am quite sure Akashi thinks of other things when he sees kagami with kuroko.

But curiously though, Akashi only met her once and yet they are already in love to make a promise? Seems a bit weird
3/2/2014 c2 5BakPaoDaGing
Nz work.. Keep writting usa-chan
Chayoo o((**))o
2/28/2014 c1 4hitsugaya-tomome
hello Rabbit-chan
this story is interesting! I wanna know how Akashi and Kuroko's relationship would be.
there are some mistake with grammars and spellings, but I can still make out the plot of this story.
keep update, okay? and welcome to :3
ganbatte ne!
2/15/2014 c1 Seira Lui
I'm not login so I can't favorite or follow. But once I did, I will favorite and follow for sure! xD

It's short but interesting.
Wanna know how they met each other.
Can't wait to read next chapter!
Make it longer if you can? XD Lolz

So . . . see ya next time!
2/15/2014 c1 Yu-qis
I'm always waiting for the next chapter!

Ganbatte kudasai!

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