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4/15/2018 c16 50DisneyGirl10
Okay, if you ever read this ... I say I ship Nigel and Chad!
This story added to my urge to watch episodes of the show, mainly on Nigel and Chad and there's obviously something there and there aren't enough fanfics to support this ship!
I am so gonna do one in the future!
And you just gotta do another one, I can't help but like this pairing! You done good!
1/22/2016 c16 Cage Bird
Omg this was amazing! I loved it and I want a sequel...if you don't mind! I want more Nigel and Chad! They are so cute! So wonderful I love this ship. I also love Dexter and Ben they are so cute together!
5/1/2014 c16 160Cybra
EEEEEEEEEE! This was so cute, and I love how Chad and Nigel patch things up in the end. 3 Amazingly-written!
5/1/2014 c16 Subject Alpha
This was an excellent read! I love your fan-verse, the characters you write are characterized perfectly. I particularly love how you're able to portray both the romantic relationships (so very believable and sweet!) and the friendships as being of equal importance and equally well developed. Thank you for putting so much effort into your stories, they are a real treat to read!
3/25/2014 c8 Tidus2529
More please . Maybe things can be cleared up with chad ?
3/18/2014 c8 Cybra
Just found this fic and it makes the 274/1 shipper in me deliriously happy. X3 Definitely one for my favorites.
3/3/2014 c5 Tidus2529
Can't wait for the actual date to start . I wonder what their reaction will be when they find out about chad ? I imagine an argument before the date or during the date .
Please update soon .
( I forgot to ask but hold old is sector v I know that they are probably teens , just curious .)
2/26/2014 c4 Tidus2529
XD love it . More please.
2/23/2014 c3 Tidus2529
Likin it . ( that tall blonde that wanted the last application almost sounded like chad)
Update soon.
2/22/2014 c3 3fullmoonzgaze
Love this story, please make more.
2/16/2014 c1 Tidus2529
Hmm I'm liking this so far , please continue.
2/15/2014 c1 Chinese Fox
XD I happily share some of the blame of this! This is already amazing and I can't wait to see more.

Well done with the break up, the balance was nice. And you know, while rather quiet and more a background character, Edd was so charming. I was so excited to see him since it's so rare. I loved it

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