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for Stitch! Ichariba Ohana Forever

4/27 c17 Guest
Here are ideas for future chapters:

Lilo can show how she admires Elisa... for her martial arts... for her courage and compassion.. and for her humoru and intellgience.

Elisa can reveal she was awe by how Lilo proved braver and gentler than some peopel... ironcially more grownup than some, ewpecially coz of her morals sucha s accepting the different instead of prejurdicing.

GOlaith can call Lilo small yet ironcailly a giant insisde.

Hudson's tracking skills can be handy. He can also teach younger ones some tracking skills.

Yuna: Fox earn her name well. As cunning as a fox.
Gretechen: Yep. Foxes be among the most cunning of mammals and the ebst known show of canine intelligence.
Fox: You be clever yourself. Worthy to be a raven.
Gretcehn: Oh.. Thanks. Ravens be smarter than owls. Hmm.
Owen: Hence why Odin uses some as messengers. Smartest of brids under phoenixes.

The Gargoyles of Goliath's clan can use weapons. Goliath can wield a knightly sword and a buckler shield, Angela can wield a falchion sword which splits to two, Hudson his shortsword, Brooklyn an axe, Broadway a war-club, and Lek a glaive.

Elisa Maza can use a plasma-revolver, a dao sword, an assegai spear, a kukri knife, a boomerang, an African buckler-shield, and bolas.,

Demona can use some bazooka to destroy some robotic warriors,e spewcially tank oens.
3/31 c17 Guest
Demona changed? I suspect Lilo's fault. She does tend to melt frozen hearts. Sttich was lviign proof. And many cozes.
It woulder been ncie if Lilo told Demona's story inclduign ehr conenction to Macbeth, and her and the captain's rash error on trust the brutal viking who broke his promise and slew the clan. I see Lilo beign sicken how the brutal viking broke a priomsie and how he slaughter sleeping creatures over his woudned ego. She can also mention the viking as Wolf's ancestor.
Yuna can admit she admire how Lilo's a noble soul who sees the good in peopel. She can admit she mess up on times, ashame. But Lilo replies she amde msitakes and how they help her beocme who she is.
3/31 c17 Guest
Here' smore ideas;

Lilo; Meet Macbeth.
Yuna: Macbeth? Named after the Shakespeare character.
Macbeth: Wrong lass. It was me. Ii'd been round since the Middle Ages.
(many gasp)

Macbeth; The Weird Sisters bonded Demona and I with magic. Only abel to die by each other's hand/. And why? To use us to cleanse Avalon for their lord.

Toriko: I enjoy tacos.
Broadway: Good.

Macbeth: So you be Hamstervyl. I heard of you.

Toriko; Macbeth's quite a sword-fighter.

Toriko: Lilo's sure got balls.
(awe by her calmness on Anubis)

Anansi: You think a blue freak would help? He;'s little.
Lilo: He's little but more of a giant than you were, you greedy trickster.

Lilo and Yuna can be mad with Anansi after hearing how he played many (remmebr Mark of the Panther).

One reason for Puck and Xanatos' son turning the humans to animals apart form fighting Anasi was so they could get past his secruity. They would failt o recognsie them because of the animal forms.

Nani or smone else could sturggle to control patience with Puck, but in the end admit sooner face him than Anansi and Raven becasue of their nasty habit on playing people as their pawns.

Grandmother: The time shall come when our worlds become one.

Toriko: He;'s a Minertaur.
Taurus; I am Taurus. And the Minertaur you refer to was my ancestor.
Lilo; King Minos starve his ancestor then fed him on humans. The poor soul was going mad. Theseus came to save his people. He saw the creature was sentient but driven mad by the barbaric treatment. Many doctors coudler help, but there was zeor back then. Theseus slew it to end its misery. He was a real ehro. The mosnter was Minos. He paid dealry when the Minertaur's son and Dadaelus who'd los his son becasue of Minos's actiosn.,.. both worked together to slay him to avenge their loved ones.

Taurus: I presuem all humans were mosnters. Elisa prove me wrong when she self-sacriife to stop Proteous, the one who slew my father.

Toriko: Macbeth. Do you think I can find love?
Macbeth: Who knows?
(he gives advice)
3/30 c17 Guest
I see Gargoyles fusing well with Lilo and Stich. Both ionvolve humans befriending 'monsters'... encoruaging peace coekistance and banning prejurdyce.
3/29 c17 Guest
Here's some ideas for future chapters:

Toriko: Lilo sure got balls. Anubis looks creepy yet she talsk to him/.
Goliath; She knwos looks deceive.

Anubis: Death comes to us all.
Yuna: I know. To tamper with such power means ... well.. destruciton.
Anubis: You are wise. Wiser than some. One broken man tried to sue my pwoer to regain a son. But it backfire because a rogue named Jackal stole my power and abused it to destory for his own entertainment. But the Gargoylers helepd the poor soul regain his senses, leading to him taking my power from Jackal and using it to undo the damage.

Yuna: HArd to beleive the sea-monster was Grandmother. But she saved Stitch.

Grandmother; You and your cousisn be living, Stitch. All lfie's special.

Lilo: We call the robotic Coyotoe Mecah-Coyote to avoid confusion with the Oberoin one.

Coyote: Remmerb the mdn be the deadliest weapon.

Kai: An honur to see you all.

Yuna: Ganesh be... bonkers.
Lilo: He seems so, but he's wise and nice. Helepd us well. why, poor Pleakly was gloomy after a large screwup endagner us. But Ganesh snap him out.

Yuna: Odin turn to a polar bear to save Stitch from drowning.
Gretchen: Lucky polar bears be grand swimmers.

Gretchen: And a 2nd use for the polar bear form Odin does. Bears run as quick as horses.

Odin: You showed me kindess when you prsdeumed I was a mere begger. Such compassion.

(if Tarzan and co appear)
Goliath: it's grand to see you all again.

(if Tarzana nd co appear0
Anansi: So we meet again, you few. I was hoping to get back on you few for making a moneky of me. This time I knwo your weaknesses... your feeligns for the girl you call Lilo.
3/29 c17 Guest
Here's ideas for an Anansi chapter:

Lilo: Africa was the ancestral homeland of humans.
Some lcoal animals of Africa can help.

One option can be Tarzan and co involve and they turn out to'd help Lilo and Stitch. I see their happy renuion with the co. They can also turn out to'd met the Gargoyles (the New York oens, the London ones, the Central American ones, and the Japanese ones.. as wlel as some on China and Paris of France). They can also be pelase Stitch and the fellows met other humans who care for them.

One moment of Puck's real form can be when he teaches Xanatos's son to tranform hisel and others. They could both turn the groupt o animals as part fo some misson to defeat Anansi on Africa, including the animal froms Elastico turn some into.
Lilo: I'm a dragon. I'm... a ... DRAGON!
(she reacts with awe and joy)
Puck: Wow. She takes it well.
Yuna: Yep.

Lilo's dragon form can look similar to Sisu from Raya and the Last Dragon or one of the Dragonheart dragons. Soem way to help tlel ehr apart from Jake's dragon form.

Lilo can use the dragon form well... obviously breating fire... but also breating ice... and usign claws, teeth and tail-spines and horns.

Lilo can use her dragon form from ... tail-lifignt Hamstervyl and breatin fire on the cape, casuing hym to panic and run.

Transformign them t differen forms can help teach many fo the group patience. Puck's known to be annoying.

Titania: When the boy's trainig be complete, then Puck can return to our land.
Lilo: Good.

If the Tarazan characters be invovle, Taurus canadmrie their courage and honour simialr to thsoe fo Elisa.
3/29 c17 Guest
Remember the Gargoyles? There were more.
Remember the ones on far, far London? Dear London... I rmemebr goign there. And I remember those London oens were on World-War 2. They coudl help. Zero duh. Griff's a noble soul who was determine to end the Nazi-PArty's reign so people could be free. Lilo could reveal she emt hima nd the other two. Zero duh... she's onto myths and legends.
The Japanese ones can appear. Lilo can revela she emt them. I see Yuna admring them coz she's a martial artist and a Japanese, and one of honour.
Also, those New Olympians can appear. Taurus could be one who occasionaly helps them... firm but fair.
3/29 c17 Guest
On Gargoyles, there were the Children of Obereon which insprie beings on myths. Some can guest appear on chapters.
Grandmother can be one of the ones the group meet. I see her beign an ally cozx she's a wise, genlte soul. I see her thunderbird form and her sea mosnter form coming on handy when they deal with war machiens, large robtos, and giant monsters. She can also use the sea mosnter form to save Stitch from drowning. She can also sue her herbal healing on some. It can be turn out Lilo emt Grandmother and learn soem herbal thigsn from her during her colleague years.
Anubis can appear... the jackal-head one worship as the God of Death by Egytpians. He seems cold but he;'s a good soul who uses death to end the pain and to keep the balance. One scen can be he gives Yuna a chance to speak to her mum as repayment for kidness. I also see Lilo udnerstandign Anubis. She could even turn out to know him well.
Coyote can appear... the sly but well-meaning trickstear who turns to a coyote adn controls sand. He can prove handy with hsi magic but espeically with his cunning. He could help the yougne rmemebrs learn to sue their wits. He can revela he taught Lilo some tricks.
Odin can appear. He can appar n his odl man form; adn Audrye, Yuna, Torkio and others give him food and drink and shelter. Then when they need help, Odin pops up and returns the favoru for their compassion. Obviously he can use his weather power. His bear form can help to fight but also to save Stitch from drownign (remmerb polar bears be famous for swimming).
Ganesh can appear. I always enjoyed the dear. Being the Hindu god of wisdom, he can lend spirutal wisdom. He can also help Yuna overcome her personal probs coz she's rpone to screw up. He can be wise but jolly... similar to Yoda (Star Wars), Iroh (Avatar: Last Airbedner and Legend of Korra), and Oogway (Kung Fu Panda franchsie).
Hanuman can appear. The loveable monkey god from Hidnus. He can prove a valuabela lly. He can be a clsoe bud and partner in crime to Ganesh... both wrokign side by side when helping thsoe on need.
Pegasus can appear. He was among the Children of Oberon.
Ra can appear. Anubis did. He could appear as well... falcon-head sungod for Egypt. And so coudl Thoth, ibis-headed god of knowledge.. and Sobek the croc-head god of war. And Quetzal, the serpent-god for the Aztecs.
Anansi, Raven, and Banshee can cause trouble for the group. So can some Chidlren of Oberon we far from seen... Loki (Norse god of trickery), Set (Egytpian god of darkness and desert), Kali (Hindu goddess of death), and some mroe.
3/17 c17 Guest
Here be dieas;

Yuna can be tearing up about the Gargoyle's tragic story. So woud,L Toriko and Makiko. Jessica can struggle but then cry. Man mroe would shed tears. The Gargoyles would be pelase coz it shwos they own compassion.

Lilo: The captain meant well. But the dark viking lied and broke his promsie. He slaughter the gargoyles.

Yuna: How could humans be such... monsters?
Golaith: I hgut so. Elisa showed the bter side. She coudle run away from me when I caught ehr. But she chsoe to reasonw ith me. And she suck by oru side when many prejdurice us.

Yuna: lilo. You and Stitch stuck by Goliath and Angela when they were wound and when they wer ein stonesleep.

Lilo: Golaith came to rescue Stitch.

(during flashback)
Hamstervyl: Why risk your lfie for the mosnter? It is far form youur kidn.
Golaith: Stitch is far form a monzter. Youa re. You abusee your talents for conquest. Sttich prove a hero. he was ready to gfive up his lfie for others.

Toriko and Makiko can get into soem adventure with Broadway adn Lek and Bronk and Pleakely. Thsoe comcial characters can get into trouble with soem gang, and accidentlayl htich up soem hostage the gang took... leadign to some wild chase aroudn the city.

Toriko: Wha?
Lek: Which eb you doing ehre?
Hostage; I can ask you the same. Those gang memebrs took me hostage for ransom. hen you pop up.
Pleakely; Gang? Gangsters/
Toriko: Uh, oh.

Hostage; Daddy!
Pleakely; Daddy?
Toriko: The crazy colonel pursuing us on the Mark 1 Abrams tank. Oh...

Hostage; These be good people. They risk their lfie to save me from the gangsters.

Audrey the buccaner can feel sorry for the gargyoels as well,a dn admrie their heroism.

Makiko: We all made mistakes, Canatos. I know. I was so angry, accusing Torkio of breaking a promsie. So I put some couffe into Stithc's drink to sabotage. Alas my action backfirecoz I allow Hamstervyl to send a bmind control Thresher on us.
3/16 c17 Guest
Here's an idea;
A crossover with Moana. Would fit the Polynesian theme.
I picture Moana accepting the aliens including Stitch. And being buds with the humans such as Lylo and Yuna.
Lylo can reveal Moana's story.
The demigod can reveal the god revive Stitch ebcause of his good deeds before, and czo they foresaw he would the be the right one to help rbign aliens and humans together simply because of his heart.
If thGrand Councilwoman features, she can reveal she far from sees Moana's people as savages but grand peopel... brave enough to travel the dangeorus seas. And she would obbivosuly be imrpes Moanna was abelt o sooth an angry mosnter, seeing mroe simialrity betwene ehr and Lylo who also melter Stithc's heart. She can say how Polynesians be among the nbolest humans.
2/10 c17 Guest
Here's ideas:

I see Lilo beign strong for her young age. Goliath or Angeli can come to rescue ehr and Stitch from some rogues and get wound. Instead of beign frighten by the garogel, Lilo can see the nobillty. Given Lilo's unfaze by Pleakley's blood on Poxy's debut, she'd be unfaze by the gargoyle's bloo but concer about stopping it before the bleeding causes the gargoyle to die. I see Lilo and Sttich stadnign by the gargoyle during the stone sleep, proving their worth to the clan. I see Goliath awe by how two short beigns cna own such large hearts, and be impress by their acts of self-sacrifice to sav ebeigns far from their own kind.
I also see Lilo beign awe by Elisa coz she's very brave and gentle, treating foreign creaturs as people instead of monsterrs.
2/10 c17 Guest
I remember Gargoyles. It was which introduce me to Keith David, the voice of dear Goliath who also voice Solovar (The Flash), Tubelot (Tarzan), Despero (Justice League), Apollo (Heracles), T'Challa/the Black Panther (1990's Fantastic Four), Okotto (Princess Mononoke), Mufasa (House of Mouse), Mongul (Yougn JUstice), Mr. Pig (Timon and Pumbaa), Atlas (Teen Titans), Sal Commander (2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Chief Broadbeak (Free Birds), and more. Such a gradn vocie. So eloquence. Helpign characters sound strong. Grand with fatherly warmth. And grand with storytelling.
I also remmebr dear Hudson... a gradn one who shows elders cna be strong physically, mentally and spiritually. The cauldron one show so when he use his wits to break free. If Lilo turn otu to'd ehard of it, she can call ti proof on elders beign farf rom frail or stupid.
I also rememrb the comedy inclduign Broadway and his bros getting intro scrapes.
I also remmerb the legends they met inclduign Anansi, Grandmother, Raven, Coyote, Anansi, Odin, and more.
2/7 c17 Guest
Here be ideas:

Yuna can be ashamed it was humans who wrong the gargoyles, proving such real monsters.

Yuna can obviosuyl bodn with the Japanese gargoyles and admire their honour which inspire many samurais.

The samruai garogyles can revela their ancestors took care of people who lost homes on World-War 2's final year.

Golaith: Lilo., Yuna sure be such a wariror.

Yuan can marvle on Elisa's martial arts. Lilo can mention she was awe by it.

The group can meet Macbeth.

Yuna: Macbeth? From the story by Shakespeare?

Toriko: A deed once done, far from undone. From yur story.
Macbeth: Aye. I made many errors. And ebcause of it, I'm immortal. Outliving many I care for.

Yuna: Your grandma?
Elisa: She be Grandmother, one of the Oberon. She be a shaman... a sorceress from North America.

Grandmother's thunderbird form can help destory giant robtos. Her sea mosnter form can helpa s wlel, and helps ave Stitch from droiwning.

Anansi can cause trouble, tricking some of the group. But Lilo would see through, beign smart.

Coyote can prove a better trickster, trickign Anansi into some trap.
2/7 c17 Guest
The Gargoyels? Wow. And ncie how Lilo and Stitch turn out to be their friends. I enjoy how they met up with elisa and Goliath.
I pciture Yuna cryign on hearing the tragic past of the gargoyles and be ashamed it was her own speices which doen it. Yep. I also pciture her asking Goliath why he chose to show emryc on humans. And I pciture her getign alogn with the Japanese gargoyles for obivosu reasons.
9/8/2020 c2 Good reader
I've just found this fanfic and now I can't get enough of it. Please update
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