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for Stitch! Ichariba Ohana Forever

7/5 c17 118SaintHeartwing
Oooh, a GARGOYLES crossover! I do enjoy it when you bring in other Disney villains and characters for everyone to bounce off or to fight. This chapter was a ton of fun to read, and I'm glad to see you're back! :D
7/3 c17 2Omegahatchiyak12
oh man you included the gargoyles show into this?! i did not see that coming! amazing work!
6/30/2019 c16 Guest
Great chapter.
Good on Ai to help.
Here's some ideas;

Toriko gets to shine. Remember the Petite one. She rocked with the outfit and how she remeber her vow with Makiko. Would rock if we get to see her do martial arts on a foe, and did a single resuce to save Makiko.

Retro can appear.

During the Retro one, he can revert Ani to a cavegirl. Similar to done on Lilo. ANd do so on Tigerlilly, Jessica, and more.

Lilo: Deja fu.
(refering to the Retro thing)

Toriko: Jessica. It's us. Makiko and Toriko.
(they do the hands together to calm her)

One reason Yuna was unaffected by Retro would be her agility.

Audrey would duck to avoid Retro too.

Lilo can manage to do some activities to settle the cave-people.

Yuna: Wow. Lilo sure cna handle cave-people.
Stitch: Ih.

Audrey: Lucky I caught fish. Shoudl help settle the cave-people.

Yuna; I'm glad it's far from Stitch it affected. It drove the guy bonkers.
Spinelli: Squeak drives me bonkers.

Yuna: Squeak. SHUT UP!
(Squeak shuts up_)
Yuna: We be trying to calm cave-people, stop a prehistoric stampede, and stop some rampaging carnivores. ANd it would help if some loud-mouted rodent and squealing pig were far from cauisng trouble.
Nosey: Sheehs. touchy.

Hiroman: I dreampt I was acaveman. Oh. A dream? Uh-uh. If so, why's the sabre-toothed rodent there/ Then ... Oh. Boy, I screwed up.
Toriko: We screwed up. We got too nosey.
Nosey: Oh.
Lilo: I told you two. But more imprtant you l;earned to avoid gettign nosey.

The gorup can see flashbacks on Stitch Glitch. I see some laugh on Stitch falign into the dough.
5/27/2019 c7 Guest
Where’s Audrey from?
5/14/2019 c16 Felix Chuah
Can you gave to TV program I'm excited for fourth tv series
2/27/2019 c16 unordinary
Well i thinking you should, like making more like adventures, I love your stories and inspiration and to following your work and helping you complete it and you should but in B-stories and 12 chapters in 30 days, and that's all (etcetera, etcetera, ect.)
8/18/2018 c16 27TheNaturalLlama3
You should make a chapter where Lady Nebula tries to bring Stitch's glitch back, but Gantu sends a warning to them before it happens or something
8/5/2018 c16 127lights13darknesses
This is a great story. I like that it has literally very show ever from Lilo and Stitch and how you can write with so many characters in every chapter. I really hope this updates soon. I must ask though how is Ai here? Isn't this before Stitch ended up in China where he apparently lost his memories? ( i haven't seen all the episodes yet) if it is then how did she join Team Ohana? keep up the good work.
8/3/2018 c15 Mr. 1000
Hurricanger? Please tell me that in the future may appear other Super Sentai or even Kamen Riders?
5/15/2018 c16 2Omegahatchiyak12
totally awesome work and thanks for mentioning me!
5/14/2018 c16 118SaintHeartwing
Myrtle/Dark Nebula doing all this just to get even with TJ over a failed game competition DOES sound like something she'd do. It's very in character, and we got some great action work with TJ at the forefront. Plus, it's always fun when characters dive into video games. A very nice chapter indeed!
9/30/2017 c1 6mysteryfan4ever
Since Victoria is in this story, could you have Snooty with her because he is her experiment pet.
9/18/2017 c15 Guest
This is a great chapter.
Nice Power Ranger Ninja Storm references.
Viral comign? I remember the virus. he caused trouble. This is gonna be very roguh when he affects the tech. Yep. Wonder how they'd stop him. They need to use all their wits to beat him.
3/27/2017 c15 Hay Lin x Tsukasa Kadoya
The Hurricanegers?! OMG, this Story just got more awesome! Love how you used Shane's pose for Yori. Can't wait to see more! Keep it up!
3/15/2017 c15 Guest
Great one.
Power Rangers in this? RAD!
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