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5/1/2020 c1 birnenlottte
I really like this Story and am kinda sad that you abandoned it after only 5 chapters. I really want to know what you would have done in later chapters.
But I wont give up hope that you will write again... even after six years...
3/3/2019 c1 A reader
Let me get this straight... you adopted the story from someone else... just to leave it? Bro/Sis why?
2/18/2019 c5 2Amber Talamasca
:grins: this story is lots of fun. I wouldn't be able to persuade you to pick it up again, would i?
12/7/2018 c5 11The-Red-Lip
Oh, my GODS. I did not expect to love this AU as much as I did, but I DO. Honestly, considering how long it's bee since you last updated, there is a slim-to-no chance that you'll ever add anything more to this fic, but BY THE GODS, if you do I will we ELATED. I had been having a major depressive episode this week and you have somehow brought some light back to my eyes, for that; I thank you.

I loved how DIFFERENT you portray certain characters, the parallel of what you'd expect them to be and what they ARE is so striking that it genuinely led to cogs whirling in my head.

I seriously adored this, darling. I hope you DO work up the mentality to update it though; I hate to see a good fic, incomplete.

With great admiration,
Can you continue?
1/14/2018 c5 2nate-king
gotta check out st. trinian's soon
11/30/2017 c5 1Harry-Potter-Addict-595
please please continue
8/15/2017 c5 Siriuslyanerd
This was a great chapter! I just want to say that the twins were originally two years older than Hermione, meaning that they would be in 3rd year right now, rather than second. Otherwise your completely correct, on the facts from both the movies and the books.
6/24/2017 c5 Cakes1998
Tour story is awesome! I love St-Trinians ans Harry potter. Will it be continued? Please tell me it will. Xxx
4/12/2017 c5 Danni244
omg this is great please continue!
1/22/2017 c5 Guest
10/12/2016 c5 mandorakat
hope you continue
7/29/2016 c5 kitkatgirl03
can i adopt this story please? i would give you credit of course but if i can't i understand that it's yours
7/17/2016 c5 L1lyBan3
Amazing , but one word. FUCKING FREAKY. ( ok that's two but...) Snape is sssoooo weird in this freaking me out gurl! Please continue
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