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for Pinkie's Birthday Extravanganza

6/18/2018 c13 17PurpleWonderPower
Awwwww, I had tears in my eyes for that last part!
6/18/2018 c8 PurpleWonderPower
Love the trick. That was cool.
6/18/2018 c4 PurpleWonderPower
Love the Cheesy Promise idea.
6/18/2018 c3 PurpleWonderPower
Love the whipped cream thing. That was one line that really stuck out for me in Keep Calm And Flutter On. And I love how Cheese loved Discord's chaos reign like Pinkie did.
5/26/2018 c12 ravendor92
My favorite ship! Thanks for the awesome fic!
3/15/2018 c6 Guest
This is an interesting complication.I like.
3/15/2018 c2 Guest
Great chapter!
3/14/2018 c6 Guest
Oh,you mean it went into can still find some of the words in between the chaos,but it does read a LOT better when fixed.I like the way this story is going.
2/1/2018 c13 Guest
THIS WHOLE BOOK WAS AWESOME! I love pinkiechese ship and there is only one thing that I absolute HATE:

Keep going



Ended. Lol
9/14/2017 c4 I hate soarin
Soarin is by far the worst character in the entire series I hate him Iwish I could rip his organs and rip out his dumbass eyes I wish I could tear his guts out and hang them on rainbow's door I want to slit soarin throats his name shouldn't be said more then twice I also want to the same to zephyr but Quibble Pants I like but he isn't in until the sixth season sorry that got got all gored up I just hate soarin and zephyr I am a bit insane I wish I could kill him quibble is the best my fingers hurt from typing hehehe I am so furious with soarin sorry to swear but fuck that stupid soarin!
2/14/2017 c1 Cheesyberry
Does a cheese week in your eye hurt?
9/12/2015 c13 Guest
Best StoriE

8/5/2015 c11 1Wow-castle
Pregnant pause?
8/5/2015 c5 Wow-castle
Hey. Loving the story so far. Can't wait to see what happens.
12/20/2014 c6 Guest
Can't read it
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