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for The Fault in Their Stars

7/5/2014 c20 katarina
i really loved this version. i felt like john green had actually written this. you gave me a different perspective of who isaac was. you caught every emotion right. i seriously was crying during about 4 different times. you should cosider becoming an author. thank you sooo much.
7/4/2014 c1 Jenny
Wow... amazing xx just amazing xx
6/25/2014 c20 Jewlz67
FANTASTIC! I had always wondered what it would be like from Issac's point of view... Definatly following you from now on. You should publish some day.
6/23/2014 c3 RYTROWYTOWYT
Oh my gosh, this is awesome! I love how you've taken a friend of Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace and created a world outside of their love story, but watching it happen as well. This is amazing. Well done.
6/23/2014 c2 1Hazel and Gus
Ohhhh. The telling of Isaac and Monica broke my heart!
6/23/2014 c20 babigail15
Well there went my heart. I think that actually hurt more than the book. That was fantastic, you did the story justice.
6/15/2014 c20 1Dysfunctional Nat
6/15/2014 c20 YouAreMyNever
This book ended like most great books. Abruptly and leaving us wishing for more even though there's no need for more to be written. I stumbled opon this book looking for some Gus/Issac oneshot love, but instead found something so much better and I thank you for such a great read.
6/14/2014 c19 FlowerPower645
I accidentally posted before I was done.
I love how well you know Isaac's point of view. That takes work and skill. It was great!
6/14/2014 c20 FlowerPower645
Wow. This was really good. I love
6/11/2014 c20 Cheynee
I don't think there are even words to describe this.
So beautiful and emotional.
I cried like I did when reading the novel itself.
You're writing is flawless and very real.
It could honestly be a companion novel to the original.
No words just awe.
Thank you.
6/10/2014 c1 4VampWolf Girl 4Ever
I LOVE this story
I LOVED The Fault in our Stars, i cried a lot reading the book and watching the movie, This fanfiction from Issacs point of view is a good point of view to read from. You wrote this fanfiction REALLY well. I've read some other The Fault in our Stars fanfiction but this is the BEST and MOST WELL DONE.
You made me cry when Gus died. I didnt expect to cry but I like that in an auther, if you can make a reader cry when they don't think they have any tears left. that is a great quality to have as an auther
please keep up the good work
6/10/2014 c20 HaZeL
okay so, I loved this sooo much. it was well written and I cried allot when Isaac started getting stressed out...it was a beautiful story!
6/8/2014 c1 El
OmG this was an awesome chapters! and sequel
6/8/2014 c14 Missy
Love this story i literally thought I was the movie again! But of course through issac or no eyes, my favorite is when it was time for Gus's funeral and Hazel didn't want to go but Issac went to her house first to persuaded her to go and it was only Hazel and Issac in the back yard and he was still at the sliding door! And they had to use the Marco Polo to guide Issac to Hazel I couldn't help but laugh love it! Can you do divergent Allegiant? Please
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