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1/21 c24 4SentinelPrimeKnightOfCybertron
Usually Jellal/Erza Highschool AU don't really work for me, since they tend to omit or really downplay the angst and drama that I love with this pairing that makes a happy ending so enjoyable. Here however? The sheer amount of miscommunications and drama that ensue really made this fic a blast to read. Jellal and Erza's mutual bumbling nicely captured the awkward dynamic of Jerza well.
I knew Cana would manage to screw things up with the letter, though I was surprised to find it was unintentional. Simon's generous spirit and lack of resentment were very much appreciated.
The flashback section in the final chapter was a nice touch that answered some questions about Jellal's and Erza's history I had lingering.
Really enjoyed this and looking forward to when you update Fighting Fate.
3/24/2021 c1 6Minata Aruyo
Love it ! Would you mind I translate your story in french ? Of course I'll mention your account and if you want, I would translate the reviews for you (if you say yes of course)
3/25/2019 c24 teetertotter23
Only just found this story today and could not stop reading it! Love love loved it! Omg I am so so so glad that through it all at least one of them would keep fighting for their love and they eventually got there (would’ve been so devastated if they hadn’t haha) perfect story thank you so much x
12/24/2018 c24 12Cheschire-Kaat
This fucking fanfic, man. IT FUCKS ME UP. ITS SO GOOD. i cried and squealed and screamed GHDFAG
Honestly your story is one of the historical contributions to the Jerza fandom. ABSOLUTELY IS. if u havent read Confession Confusion, ur not a real jerza fan

I love this. I love u. Thank u for writing
1/13/2018 c24 Guest
Author-chan, I want to tell you that I have been a very patient reader...and you ARE A FREAKING SADISTIC AUTHOR...TORTURING ME TO THE END!

Jk jk, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this story and I am gonna recommend it to every FT fan I know !

5/8/2017 c1 foxydame
I read this story as a guest but wow I remember it as one of the absolute best stories I've ever read
9/17/2016 c16 HinataHimeLove
I konw this story is complete but i just had to say this : At this point Jellal annoyed me sooo much! He was a coward! I think instead of jellal. Erza should be the sulking one here. She had fight hard enough for them . As a woman myself i feel my pride hurt looking at her trying everything to get Jellal to admit his feeling and ended up to just hurt herself more. I guess she should just left jellal with ultimatum to be her boyfriend or not even befriend her since either way there's not a chance they can get back to how they used to be.
7/23/2016 c1 2AdamantiumKinesis
5/14/2016 c24 ascarletflame
I absolutely love this story. The whole thing was Sayla I think was the WORST part ever, because I think that was around when I had binged the story and had to wait for updates back in the day, and didn't know what happened next until much later. And I felt Erza's pain viscerally, when she found out Jellal and slept with her the first time, and then later with the picture stuff. _ All of the angst/love was so real in this story (I just reread all of it again yesterday) was amazing, and the torrential downpour/wildfire that was their love throughout was so real. The flashbacks as well, were very helpful to developing their characters, and gah, the last chapter - so freaking cute. Does that mean Jellal's little heart did fall for little Erza and actually did get a little heartbroken when she laughed at taking his name? And the hug in grade school... SO CUTE. T_T Great ending to a great story. Thank you for writing this! And I really love the bits of Jerza that are thrown into the Gruvia follow-up one as well to see how others view them and what's been happening. I hope you continue that story (with some other Jerza bits thrown in! .)
1/29/2016 c24 Guest
Such a wonderful story. I really want to see more jerza fanfiction from you! Pleaseee
1/29/2016 c24 Guest
I like this story so much! you are a real genius, thank you so much for coming up with
1/22/2016 c24 Guest
BEST JERZA FANFIC EVER! I hope you would write more Jerza! You are a very valuable author in the community!
11/19/2015 c24 Guest
This story. Was. Amazing.
I stayed up for this story. I cried for this story. I laughed for this story. I enjoyed every single word of this story. Your portrayal of Jellal and Erza's relationship had me engrossed every minute, from the very beginning to the end. The overarching plot of this story was so enjoyable, you wouldn't believe how amazing it was to read it. Jellal's personality was brilliant, the romantic, protective, and friendly sides of him. Erza was also a very nicely developed character. She was such a strong character, and it was heartwarming watching her relationship with Jellal. Also, the side characters of Cana (Oh god Cana was such a great character) and Simon were nicely included. The parts where Jellal was so protective of Erza were written so well; it felt as though I was in the story.
Overall, this story was brilliant, the perfect plot and the perfect characters. It was always exciting and thrilling, and I kept on wanting more.
I'm so upset this is the end.
Keep up this spectacular writing! And good luck.
8/7/2015 c4 AREEN
come on jellal can't you see she likes you man
7/20/2015 c11 T.T
Omfg, feeeeeEEEeeeeeEEEeeeeeEEEeeeeeEEEeeeeels!... T.T
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