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for The Story of Lightning and Wind

11/2 c8 Aedwards179
So that lady is gonna follow them around making them fight biju?
11/2 c7 Aedwards179
They're having this much trouble fighting people worth only 15000 jewells? they must be pretty weak tbh. I was expecting them to come out of training at A rank, close to S, but they're probably only blow B
11/2 c5 Aedwards179
That description of reaper magic sounds exactly like the magic the Midnight dude had under a different name. why not just use that magic again why try to name it something new
5/4 c37 Guest
Truth seeker orbs solo th entire Verse of Fairy Tail, also fuck Mito she's such an asshole it was just getting good!
5/4 c36 Guest
I was too lazy to scroll to the end of the next chapter to comment on it but, if Sasuke has Itachi's eyes then he physically can't go blind no matter how funny it is to see the king firing shots at em.
5/3 c12 Guest
Makarov: Makes Threats

The REAL Naruto: "Super Mini-tailed beast bomb!"

Magnolia in its entirety: Dead
5/3 c11 Guest
Laxus: Talks shit

The REAL naruto: "...tailed beast planetary rasenshuriken."

The entire country of Fiore; Dead
2/17 c8 Amargi'sNodachi
Lame, rehashing old Naruto plots in another world is always lame
2/9 c27 AVL04
drop the romance, ur not made for it.
10/6/2021 c1 g0dgr1d
This is actually one of the reasons why I created this account in this site and that was like 7 years ago. I hope you still update the fic.
9/12/2021 c1 Guest
It would by better without Sasuke. Any story with Sasuke is disappointing. Only people who like Sasuke are emo, people with big stick in ass or mentally retarded.
9/6/2021 c1 Whatever
A waste of a day. It was somewhat interesting up until about half way and it felt like the story was building up to something. Then, the story just grinds to a halt, the main characters lose 90% of their power when they were only mid level wizard saint to begin with. The way in which they lose their power is also uninteresting and unsatisfying and sucks all the enjoyment out of the story. They already felt like the underdogs compared to the characters being introduced at the time and then they just got reduced to ants compared to them.
8/17/2021 c5 Mystery889
I’m sorry but from that description of the magic why the hell is it reaper why not reversal or revenge or something that correlates with its effect
8/15/2021 c74 danmaximum198
Love the chapter please update more frequently like honestly, waiting on Sasuke getting his rinnegan and ems back like honestly I'm also waiting for him to get with mirajane like officially
8/15/2021 c74 Guest
Greta chapter xD Cant wait for more
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