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for The Story of Lightning and Wind

5/31 c6 The Black Kraven
Oh good you implemented linebreaks here.
5/31 c4 The Black Kraven
Either bolden your author's note or have a line break between them. Hope you fixed this cause in here the chapter and the an are continuous
5/31 c73 danmaximum198
Please update more damn need more of this. It's amazing like honestly it's the best
5/5 c6 Eddyg125
So their training from their old world never happened from what I am seeing
5/5 c4 Eddyg125
Now he learns the Rasengan? Wasn't that suppose to be first?
5/5 c3 Eddyg125
You meant Rasengan right?
5/4 c72 danmaximum198

Damn I enjoyed this so much. Post more please
4/18 c71 danmaximum198
Amazing chapter, can you start posting more frequently, i need more content. Everytime you post a new chapter, I read the story from the beginning all over again.
4/17 c48 panjangya
But seriously t8
Whats with the all naruto&sasuke nerf :)
4/6 c38 Guest
Yeah dropping this story the shit in this chapter made everything terrible like making sasuke blind now he’s fucking useless nah shits ass
4/2 c17 redmen6blight
Well I am seriously curious to see how you can nerf the Rinnegan when it basically equals god mode. Especially when senjustu Naruto doesn't even hold a candle to it in any way shape or form it was honestly Kishimoto's biggest fuck you to honestly I am going to continue just to see it be nerfed because honestly that idea amuses the hell out of nerfing Naruto's senjustu from what i remember really isn't needed since the only way its boosted to any way being a match for the Rinnegan is with the Kyuubi and then I still lean towards the overpowered Rinnegan as it basically has an insta kill built into it.
4/1 c8 theneed4beer
that wasn't a beautiful chapter but it finally ended
4/1 c7 theneed4beer
how fucking long are you going to make this fight ? let it end
3/31 c38 Zadenados
yeah... I don't know... I kind of lost interest in this story. the jump from where naruto and sasuke were at the beginning to a time skip and apparently letting others still think they're weak. to the sudden fight with each other and blindness for a stupid reason, and it was stupid, to getting whooped... never giving a hint as to how they all got dragged to the new world, ignoring how any tailed beast above a certain point had to be sealed in a person in cannon but mito used some bullshit to make it work anyway here. it just list me sling the way. the written style is decent, and I know other people enjoy it but it's just not for me. good luck with your story!
3/31 c9 RandomCoolGuy
Also I like how Naruto just tells someone else what they should name their creation. He just tells someone to rename what they worked on. That's rude as fuck. Moments like that feel really ooc, especially for Naruto. There are a bunch littered in this fic. Very OOF.
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