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10/16/2014 c5 Anonymous
... :D
nice to see this isn't dead after all.
5/15/2014 c4 Anonymous
I really think this has alot of potential...
YOU have a lot of potential.
Sad that little other people are reading this too, these OC's are something else than someones twin-sister.

Onlyest thing I would have done differently. was to show a bid bad blood between Kit Fisto and his... brother, mainly him being dissapointet or digusted by his choice of work.

Love those random bits of info at the end. Shows that youre seriously putting effort into this.
5/1/2014 c3 Anonymous
is human spit really something lethal to extraterristicals ? If so, humanity just got 10 Badass points.
(I don't think its the salvia, but rather plently of bacteria, which would not cause poisioning but infectuos wounds)
Anyway, you made the puny humans look awesome. It's great to be part of the Dominant race.

Just watched the Ghost Recon Phantoms trailer, and I'm looking forward to some futuristic warefare
btw, your pic looks cool

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