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8/23/2016 c1 6katladyd
This is a very well written story and the character development is top notch. Plus, it's interesting as hell! Please update soon.
2/24/2014 c5 1KyokoHonda49
You got right to it didn't you? lol Great chapter. And great job in showing the reactions on her rank and sex. I especially liked Hawkeye's take. Oh and the part with Klinger, it was like I was watching an episode in written form. Wonderful! :) I can't wait to read about her encounters with the other characters. I also like how you are writing BJ. I really do feel like he would be really chill and nonchalant towards her, where as Hawkeye's feathers are all ruffled because he feels threatened. Anywho, loving it :) Can't wait to read more. P.S. I was really shocked on how fast you updated. Great job :)
2/24/2014 c5 12MASHlover23
Hello there,

Well up to this chapter I agreed with what the other two reviewers said about being a female surgeon and a lack of sexism. But with chapter 5 you straightened that whole mess out! Wonderfully written, great plot and improving characterization.

Looking forward to see where this story goes! :)
2/24/2014 c4 1KyokoHonda49
Wow. After reading this, I expected there to be more reviews. This story is really good. Okay, so this is a Father Mulcahy/oc pairing right? I've been mislead before. I hope it is. Lol. I really like your character so far, though I do feel like she is far superior to the rest of the females in the camp. This is the 1950's and she's a surgeon? I feel like their should be some sexist comments toward her. From the nurses and surgeons. Maybe not from Margret though. I feel like she would just be jealous, because she is always trying to break away from the female stereo-type and better herself in a man's world. Anywho, I really like how you are writing Father Mulcahy. :) Can't wait to read more :)
2/22/2014 c4 Guest
I think your story is well written and has good flow. However Major Camden comes off a slightly Mary Sue.
Being a female surgeon who is so skilled in the 1950's, epically in combat doesn't really seem realistic. Female surgeons were just not assigned for combat. Secondly, the fact that the other male doctors haven't tried to scrutinize or belittle her based on sexism isn't realistic either. 1950's society was based on sexism. Women were expected to be women and men ruled over them.
The fact that Hawkeye is all over Elizabeth as well is slightly irritating. Hawkeye's character is that he loves women if they remain in their proper role for their sex; EX. A nurse. But when a women is threatening his masculinity Hawkeye gets very agitated and antsy. EX. Examine how he interacts with Major Houlihan when she steps out of the traditional female roles. The fact that Major Camden is on the same professional level as Hawkeye makes the pairing of him and Major Camden even more unrealistic. Hawkeye's belief that he is superior in the OR. For Hawkeye to be in character, it is more likely that he would be making comments that her work may not be up to par with the male surgeons, or just annoyed by the fact that her work is up to par or better than the male surgeons.
On the other hand the story line with father mulga by seems absolutely perfect. He is 100% in character. :)
My suggestion would be to maybe re write the story so major Camden is a male. Or if want to keep the element of a relationship make the major a nurse. If you want to keep her a doctor, than think about another pairing that seems more realistic.

I am not trying to trash your story, this is just my personal opinion. I am not some flaming sexist either, it's just the way things were in the 1950's. You are a great writer, and I intend no hurt by this review.
2/18/2014 c1 gunsbuster
wow that's good

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