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for Blood Moon Rising

6/3/2018 c10 Guest
Chapter 11 ?
11/5/2014 c10 TerriLynne14
What! Melissa is healed. Great news, now heal Stiles!
11/5/2014 c9 TerriLynne14
Oh no, not Stiles.
11/5/2014 c8 TerriLynne14
What a twist, did not see a long lost twin sister coming into the story. And who is this mystery girl?
11/5/2014 c7 TerriLynne14
Poor Scott. Will Stiles really go through with killing his best friend? Gosh I hope Melissa will be ok!
11/5/2014 c6 TerriLynne14
Oh no, poor Melissa! That darn Peter.
11/5/2014 c5 TerriLynne14
What a bastard of a father! It makes me sad for Scott.
11/5/2014 c4 TerriLynne14
Good chapter. For a minute I thought Scott's mom was a gonner.
11/5/2014 c3 TerriLynne14
Oh no. Keep Peter away from Scott.
11/5/2014 c2 TerriLynne14
Oh no poor Scott. Look out Stiles you better hurry!
11/5/2014 c1 TerriLynne14
I don't watch the show but you make me want to. Good story.
8/15/2014 c10 Guest
Hey! I think you did very good with the "blood moon rising" fanfic. Why don't you keep posting it? I kinda love this fanfic ya know?
4/18/2014 c10 Janine
Stiles No! I love this story! Can't wait for the next chapter.
2/22/2014 c7 15RaggingLightningWolf
gahhh not cool i was on the edge of my seat the hole time poor stiles can he realy do it or will he die by scotts claws i must know more, or i shall bazzap you in three...two. one. BAZZAP take that now think twicew before leaving a clift hanger
2/21/2014 c6 RaggingLightningWolf
damn peter and damn rafile just wait till i get my claws an dfangs in them then we'll see who's laughting! GRRRR HOWL owwwwwwwwwwwwww
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