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8/9 c1 ironhair
8/8 c11 Alex SArk
Its getting good... well it was always good but now is getting traction. Please keep updating it, Dont stop now.
By the way I notice thata Harry keeps wearing his clothing and looks from the other world, Wonder when is he going to get a haircut and a proper suit... jeje.
Anyway keep going, is a really good story. I cant wait for the next chapter.

Take care.

PS. Your other srory "Deprived" have is very good too. Hope to see an update there soon.
8/7 c11 16BukkakeNoJutsu
this story is amazing!
8/5 c11 Stank
ngl, I love the concept of this fiction and much of its execution. I just have 2 damn bones to pick with you.


2. A Warcaster from Llael without a Vanguard? For shame, Ashlynn clearly didn't equip this boy right if he has to salvage Menite and Cryxian Crapjacks to keep his Battlegroup running.
8/4 c11 Cyclops101
really glad to see that an update came. really liking where the story is going. hopefully we'll get to see more in the future
8/2 c11 LoneWanderer823
I love this story so much.
7/31 c11 Cerronous
Glad to see youre back!
7/31 c11 1trend breaker
love it looking forward to next update
7/30 c4 Mondrial
Ooooh this chapter made me all tingly for all the wrong reasons, but it felt good.
7/28 c11 Benyx
Holy wow, now that was just heavy at the end. I just found this story and I absolutely have loved every minute of it! I couldn’t put it down once I started and it had me on the edge of my seat. The way you have written Harry has been so entertaining and yet at the same time has the gritty child soldier feeling down so well, and I’ve loved all of it. I can’t wait to read more and I hope everything continues to go well for you.
7/26 c11 1Jarjaxle
UPDATE! HALLELUJAHH! once again Reminder WHy You are so good Writer & why you stories ARE SO GOD DAMN GOOOD! I enjoyed this
7/26 c11 Guest
While i don't read this fanfic i hope you can update A demon among devils it's was fantastic.
7/26 c11 aidenwolf34
I'm glad to see this story updated. I reread the story again from chapter one and found it to be as engaging and interesting as the first time I read it long ago. I hope you'll be able to add chapters as this is different to most of the Harry Potter Stories found on FF. It's a breath of fresh air so to speak and I like you're writing style.
7/25 c11 TheUnknowableOne
7/25 c1 Lurker
I absolutely love your steam punk Harry Potter! It's really unique! I just hope you don't lose interest in the story, since I noticed you haven't finished any of the other stories you've posted. Please keep writing and I'll keep reading.
Since Harry is adapting to using the muggle tech from his original world, any chance that he will upgrade his warjacks with coke or steam turbines, not to mention Soviet war tech? I'm looking forward to further adventures in this story, perhaps with Hermione researching more efficient tech for him.
Keep up the great work!
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