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11/30 c11 NostrusTheWaning
I'm gonna need more Chief. This is some good shit. Some real gourmet shut.
11/1 c11 Mark1
This fic is...different, but exciting none the less, so great job!
10/29 c11 HirumaKyosuke
Thanks for the chapter!
10/22 c11 38Kithrin
i find this chapter hilarious, and glad you are continuing it
10/10 c11 JAMES JONES
Look forward to more of this story.
10/7 c1 SPBRX
I'm not sure considering you recently updated if you just do one update a year or if you came back after a long time to update this. what I do know is that this is a bloody masterpiece and it's needs updates and it needs updates fast. this is simply too good a fic to leave alone to gather dust.
10/6 c8 Guest
The "Harry, get in the cart" part reminds me of "Arthur, get out of the tank" for some reason
10/3 c11 Alexander Sark
Very good, cant hope for the next chapter.
Please update deprived too, love both stories.
Keep going, bye.
9/11 c11 3Panther Hardraad
IT'S ALIVE! I love this story! Any chance for an update over on Space Battles?
9/6 c11 bassplayer123
Seriously how do you do it? Why are all of your fics just SO DAMN GOOD? A Demon Among Devils, For Those We Cherish, and now this story, I think it's safe to say I'm addicted to your writing. Of course I really wish you'd update those first two stories, but hey, I'll take whatever I can get from you. Your writing is just that good.

Oh btw, I didn't know this fic was also on Spacebattles. You should put the rest of Chapter 11 up over there too.
9/4 c3 ja3419
I love that it was not that James or lily abandoned their kid. The poor sods never even got a chance to raise their second kid cause he got magicked away. I hate the WBWL trope especially when one is abandoned due to straight up BS. The only WBWL story I liked so fas has been Older brother by white angle of Auralon s/12288494/1/Older-Brother and its sequel.
8/31 c11 7udkudk
An masterpiece
8/29 c11 Guest
I hope this chapter isn't a last gasp after about 8 years.

It's an excellent story and would love to see it completed
8/18 c11 2ElderDragonSage
Love this
8/16 c11 Fuck Names
You're alive? Wait what? Wow.
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