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7/24 c11 1starwars05
Hoorah another chapter, omg browbeating James and Sirius lmao, oof yep that seems about right at the end
7/24 c11 Guest
7/24 c11 4Darren Jaguar
Yesssssss another chapter! LOVE IT
7/24 c11 Hitmen101
Thanks for the chapter! :D :)
7/24 c11 E8rocks23
Don't know anything about Warmachine, had to look it up, but this is fantastic and I'm hooked. I'm a Battletech guy and I can see this world is right up my alley. Very well written and put together, and the descriptive bits really help understand the lore of the universe hiding behind the fanfiction. Dadgum, you should be proud of your ability to introduce new blood to the lore, very well done and I can't wait for more.
7/24 c11 Opaque-Cavalier
Really enjoying this story and the characters!
7/24 c11 El Ssspeaker
WOOOOOO! New chapter! Its going great. Hope you been keeping well
7/24 c11 fanreader18
Ah. Wow. Even after so long without an update you did not disappoint! Thanks for the chapter!
7/24 c11 3WhiteElfElder
It felt like Harry was having to run Adult on a bunch of misbehaving children, and got them to eat their vegetables.
7/24 c11 AronJ
Can’t believe it’s back Great Chapter Thank You
7/24 c11 34Zeromaru Chaos Mode
holy crap i thought this was dead.

Always love Ruthless!GetShitDone!Harry.
7/24 c11 DeahtLegend
Awesome keep up the great work
7/24 c11 7ianramos22
Thank you for updating.
7/24 c11 sRxAfrikaner
Crimson, really love your writing. Please keep it going.
7/24 c11 darrelljcook1
Wow! Just, wow! It's been a while and you definitely made an impression on your return! Glad you are back and hope this wasn't a fluke. May the muse continue to visit you with such inspirations...
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