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7/24 c11 Zero141211
Is it back? After so many years an amazing chapter, I especially liked the military veteran feel Harry is exuding.
Looking forward to next chapter!
7/24 c11 Uday Sra
Awesome. Please update soon
7/24 c11 3Marcus Galen Sands

Great to see this fic updating! As ever, seeing Harry wrangle the wizarding world is a treat! Many thanks for this chapter.
7/24 c11 Vis-Solomon
Wow, Warcaster is back in a big way. I never expected to see this updated again, but I'm very happy that you decided to do so.
7/24 c11 SirLaze
I like it!
7/24 c1 2The Raven God
Wow Your updating again, awesome, but you know which story we really want, Deprived, Please update that one.
7/24 c11 kerbumbo
I'm so happy to see an update of this story! I enjoyed the new chapter and hope to see more...

I hope we get to see a continuation of deprived as well, that would be really good.
7/24 c11 1Toby860
It's been a long time but I love the chapter. My thoughts keep going to inevitable conclusion of the war. That being what will happen in the future he is a war caster a mercenary pretty much will he work for the government or they maintain his neutrality how will his future go
7/23 c11 1SneakyDevil
Mmmmmm yes. 11/10 dialogue and character delivery.
7/23 c11 redbaron297
I’ve read this story who knows how many times and it’s still fascinating every time.
7/23 c11 3grovepjp
7/23 c11 Ronin Katarn
I cant believe this got updated. Cant wait to see how this all plays out.
7/23 c11 Malicious Mal
Wow! I thought the story was dead. Thanks for the great update. Really happy you got a new chapter out. I look forward to the next chapter. Thanks.
7/23 c1 PhantomPryromaniac
So glad to see this story back! Keep up the excellent work
7/23 c11 mr1980rivera
This is a great story I absolutely love it can you tell me where you got the idea of warJacks a book series or movie , TV series I've never heard about.
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