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2/19/2014 c1 2Swallow-Tailed Kite
This is cool. It's like steampunk with magic and all the other fun fantasy bits. I really like how you managed to create the setting for a whole different world of the war-machines and the battle in that land.
2/19/2014 c1 Stepford Smiler
This is one of the most awesome things I've read in quite some time
2/19/2014 c1 Miner603
This bears interest. Please continue.
2/19/2014 c1 1Sabrina98
This looks really good. Please update soon!
2/19/2014 c1 puma1sunfire
OH DAMN! I am really enjoying this story. I am so looking forward to seeing what becomes of this story. Fantastic! Looking forward to future updates.
2/19/2014 c1 10Wonderbee31
Dang, if this Harry comes in, it may well be that Dumbledore would be more cursing his arrival than he does Voldemort, depending on how set in his plan of the greater good he is, while Harry, Harry will want to win.
2/19/2014 c1 Dude
Great to see another story from you :D This looks promising and I hope to see more soon. Well done.
2/19/2014 c1 MaverickHunter-00
Please update deprived.
2/19/2014 c1 10J.F.C
Love it, hope you update soon.
2/19/2014 c1 BigBird97
Love it, really good
so glad your active again, any information on Deprived
2/19/2014 c1 CookieMonsta1233
*Dies of a heartattack*
I thought you were dead! But I suppose not... lol
Nice story, new concept - I like it
Psst... Updates for Deprived?
2/19/2014 c1 1Castling
This is interesting. Have you created the world of the war casters or have you taken it from another fandom? Either way, I look forward to the next chapter. There's some real potential here.
2/19/2014 c1 2TD90
Please continue this, it's a really good start.
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