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7/9/2021 c5 Guest
It's been... Holy shit, four years,but it's still funny when I reread it!

Hope you're doing well, author, wherever you are
2/18/2020 c5 1lovelyhatter
Loved this chapter, as always! I love Teru and Moriyama’s relationship:D it’s too good, honestly
2/18/2020 c3 lovelyhatter
“It’s not you were born from a fat panda” “very youthful, like an elastic band”

I’m actually dead. This is gold I tell you, gold. Love this fanfic so much! It’s such a great read
2/18/2020 c2 lovelyhatter
I almost died from choking on a drink because I was laughing too hard f. I absolutely adore this story! Teru is so freakin funny. I love it. Can’t wait to read (and laugh) more 3
2/18/2020 c1 lovelyhatter
Oh my god, that was hilarious. I legitimately laughed out loud several times during this chapter :) loving the story already!
5/5/2019 c5 4Asterlily10
I just discovered this and I'm soooo glad I did. I kept laughing while reading (lol). Thank you for another great OC and story (a Kise one, this time) :)
Also, I like that she's friends with Riko and I enjoy her interactions with the ever-quirky Kaijou team!
3/31/2019 c5 Kanzaki Mizuki
OMG. This story is so good I can’t stop laughing. Hahahaha. Even if I can’t seem to understand Terumi’s train of thought it’s still so funny. I hope you will update soon. I want to see more of that airheadedness. Thank you in advance. ️
3/5/2019 c5 ViVanilla
6/10/2018 c5 Saitama-sama
I LOVE this fic! And I LOVE Mikazuki! She is hilarious. I've never read a OC so awesome and unique like her! Great job!
11/12/2017 c5 cypher
It was nice to see an update! I hope you don't die amid work and uni lol.

Much as I love the humour, it was a pleasant surprise to get some deeper feelings from Terumi. Ballet and an injury? Sounds promising.
10/20/2017 c5 4gennsis
Moriyama... who? Terumi shall now be my comrade! We shall venture in our own world of weirdness together! Suck it, Moriyama! /inserts evil cackles.
Anyways, I really love Terumi, because she's cr4ck and anyone who's crack is my best friend xD Besides, just look at her ardent PASSION for soap operas. How can anyone not want a friend like her? /ugly sobs upon recalling my non-existent passion for anything.
...Ahem, anyway. I love your sense of humour and how Terumi just embarrassed herself every time she met Kise. I feel kinda bad for laughing at my comrade but well, some people are just unlucky. She should 'roll with it'. Also, Kise and Terumi together are beyond hilarious, but I feel kinda bad for the dude because I think he's getting Terumi germs... Also, I love those random references. We need more of them.
In conclusion, this story is life. Thank you for creating this masterpiece. /virtual salutes to you.
10/11/2017 c5 wiwi
9/24/2017 c5 4Cooliceprincess
I smiled a lot.
9/18/2017 c4 8akagami hime chan
this chapter couldn't have ended better. I can't wait till she interacts with the rest of the GOM, she's gonna sass them so bad I can't
9/18/2017 c2 akagami hime chan
I cry reading this story, like, if Terumi existed I would hug the sh*t out of her omg thank you for this fic
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