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12/15/2018 c7 1Ra's little princess
please update this story
2/20/2018 c7 Harlequin Shadow
This is really interesting! I hope you continue it soon!
2/14/2017 c7 Silver Shenron
more please
5/28/2016 c7 9arlena.ferrell
More please!
9/18/2015 c7 43Kei-kei Yuki
This is a really nice story you got going! Keep up the awesome work!
2/13/2015 c7 Jasmine
I think that's Yugi should tell them about the duty that's he and Heba has and soon.
2/13/2015 c7 4kit-lelouch ai
I think this got posted in the wrong story
1/31/2015 c7 hama431
update the next chapter please
1/22/2015 c7 rien88
i hope you are going to make more chapters i love the story and i am looking forward to read more chapthers of this verry good story
6/27/2014 c7 hebaXyugi4eva
This needs more drama's and it decently needs a lot more sex screens XxxxXxxxX
6/16/2014 c7 Neoma17
When will the next chapter be up
5/5/2014 c7 20Angel-the-hedge
XD nice
5/4/2014 c7 samaurai
Yay no war. At least they all get to be happy.
4/28/2014 c6 StarGlow
I miss 'Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 0 with a Neko Girl' story.
When are you going to update it!
4/28/2014 c6 lilRenge
that was hilarious, I couldnt help but laugh
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