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for Yu-Gi-Oh! A New Era, Volume 1

4/30/2014 c5 1Master of Creepypasta
Ah, familiar with Dee from your other story, and you know I like this guy if you read my comments on the other story. I liked this duel, it was nice. I like Alicia's Deck, reminds me of my Fairy Deck. Boss monster is Athena and The Splendid Venus though. No Synchro's or XYZ's in my Deck as well.
4/8/2014 c5 Requiem of Light
Nice Duel. Can't wait for the next chapter.
3/28/2014 c3 17mangafa
great story. I love it. :)
3/12/2014 c4 Requiem of Light
Wow, I like Alicia's Deck. Been a long time since I seen Archlord Kristya in a Deck. Now it is all about Fire Formation's and XYZ's. Anyways, continue writing man. I like reading this story.
3/11/2014 c4 1Master of Creepypasta
Wow. Fairies, I love them man. Keep up the good work!
3/11/2014 c3 Master of Creepypasta
Whoa, this was a really good chapter. I like Jet, because I like Winged-Beast's, but I like the guy too. Keep writing!
3/11/2014 c2 Master of Creepypasta
Wow! That was an interesting duel. I liked it. A Machine King Deck, those are hard to come by these days.
3/11/2014 c1 Master of Creepypasta
Oh, this was interesting. Can't wait to read the next chapter.
3/1/2014 c3 Requiem of Light
Okay, this was a good chapter. Jet looked like he was going to win, he had two strong monsters. But then Zeke countered with Winged Kuriboh, winning the duel. I always thought Winged Kuriboh was a troll card. I once built a Kuriboh-based deck. It was fun to play, but I usually lost. But it was a deck meant to be for fun anyways.

Anyways, great chapter. Jet now enters, who next? I am waiting for the next chapter, now write damnit! :D
2/21/2014 c2 Requiem of Light
Thankfully I know who tha guy is, but I will never tell. SO NO ASKING ME FOR SPOILERS FANS! Great duel, Dark Magician Girl as a Machine, nah. I'd rather her be a...Sex Machine. *trollface*

Alright! Two chapters up, so far so good. Keep up the good work!
2/21/2014 c1 Requiem of Light
Decent first chapter. Keith vs. Zeke in the Finals. Also, Keith, the "Machine Guy"? For some reason, that made me laugh extremely hard.

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